Free Fire has been doing a lot of collaborations as of late - from famous people like DJ Alok or footballer Christiano Ronaldo to TV shows like Money Heist... and now we are also going to get anime collabs as well. In the next One-Punch Man collaboration in January, we are going to get a new themed M1887 legendary skin with a unique theme based on the manga series... and it might be the best skin ever released.

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In this article, we would compare One Punch Man M1887 vs Winterlands M1887, the current best skin for this gun.

1 - Stat analysis

Winterlands M1887

  1. ++ Range
  2. + Movement Speed
  3. - Reload Speed


The Winterlands M1887 is going to be released on 31st December 2020. With bonus range and movement speed, this skin would let the M1887 hit more accurately in close range, with a tighter spread. On the other hand, the lowered Reload speed is an issue, as it would be pretty dangerous if you miss your first shots. The M1887 has only 2 bullets each reload and any mistake could be fatal.

One-Punch Man M1887

  1. ++ Reload Speed
  2. + Damage
  3. - Accuracy

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The One-Punch Man M1887 is likely to be released at the end of January. Overall, the bonus lets the M1887 be the most damaging single-shot weapon in the game, with over 100 damage per hit. Reload speed increase is definitely what this gun needs as well - you would be able to fire much faster than usual. The Accuracy reduction usually does not matter as you would be fighting in close range anyway.

2 - How much will each skin cost?

Winterlands M1887

This skin will cost about 1500 diamonds as it would be part of a Faded wheel event. You can get it for less if you are lucky, of course - the worst case would be the last 599 diamond spin.

One Punch Man M1887

This is a fairly expensive skin - you would have to spend about 2000 diamonds. It would be part of a Ludo even in which you need to get to the 7th number for a crate... and after having obtained 5 crates, you can exchange for a box.

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