Attachment is one of the more important parts of Free Fire's Battle Royale gameplay, improving the weapons equipped greatly in various stats. Similar to other games in the same genre, the choices for attachments in Free Fire are pretty diverse... however, not every attachment are created equal - some are much better than others.

In this article, we would list out the top 5 best attachments in Garena Free Fire.

5 - Muzzle

Free Fire's version of the Muzzle is pretty weird - they increase the weapon's effective range when equipped - this is completely irrelevant to a real-life muzzle, as their purpose is to reduce recoil. There are 3 levels for the muzzle in Free Fire, which would increase the equipped weapon's range by a small, medium, or large amount. The exact number for the range increased is not available, however.

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4 - Foregrip

Provide a reduction in recoil for all equipable weapons.  There are 3 levels of foregrip which provide a low to high recoil reduction. With recoil being one of the most annoying parts of a weapon - the foregrip would let your character control the gun much easier... especially when you are using high recoil weapons like the AK.

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3 - Double Magazine

The double magazine is the best magazine attachment in the game... with the largest bonus. You would be able to reload your gun twice as fast using this attachment. It is rarer than normal magazines, however.

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2 - Kar98k Biometric Scope

A special scope for the Kar98k that improves its accuracy stat - quick hit with this scope is super accurate... to the point that Garena has to nerf it in the recent OB24 update.

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1 - M14 Rage Core

This is one of the best attachments in the game - the Rage Core completely changes how the M14 works. Normally, the gun is a semi-auto sniper rifle, with high damage and range balanced by slow firing speed. However, with the Rage Core attached, the M14 turns into an automatic rifle... a weapon completely without any weakness. Overall, the M14 + Rage core is definitely better than the Groza.

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