Garena Free Fire has been making collaborations with a lot of new franchises lately... from world-famous celebs like Christiano Ronaldo... to anime shows like Kimetsu no Yaiba. Based on the leaks, looks like Garena is going to have another collab with yet another popular anime franchise: One Punch Man (or OPM for short).

Free Fire E One Punch Man Vazaram Os Novos Pacotes

Besides two emotes, there are going to be 4 new skins added to the game - in this article, we are going to list them all out.

1 - Who's One Punch Man?

One-Punch Man is a popular manga/anime franchise, with a bald main character named Saitama... who has so much power he ends every fight with just a single punch. There have been 2 seasons of anime and almost 200 chapters of mangas released.

2 - One Punch Man Collab Costumes & Weapons

Saitama's Hero Costume

This set is the costume Saitama wears when he's fighting evils. It is partly inspired by superman... just with a different color scheme of white and yellow. The best part of the set is probably the cape.

Pacote Careca De Capa Free Fire

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Genos's Hero Costume

This costume is inspired by "Demon Cyborg" Genos, Saitama's disciple. The guy is an advanced battle cyborg, with a huge array of weapons inside his body. The best part of this set is probably the torso, with two cyborg hands.

Pacote Genos Free Fire

Saitama's Pajama Costume

Saitama's sleepwear. Due to his ultimate power, Saitama has even defeated foes while wearing this. Overall, this is more of a meme costume.

Pacote Pijama Do Saitama Free Fire

M4A1 Genos

This M4A1 is inspired by Genos' laser cannons that he can transform using his hands. The weapon looks super futuristic and is likely to have useful bonuses.

Skin Genos M4a1 Free Fire

This collab is scheduled for January 2021 in Brazil - it is unknown if the India server would get it at the same time.

3 - New Emotes

I'm Saitama!

This emote will turn the player's head into an egg with Saitama's face.

Free Fire One Punch Man


This emote will make your character perform a punch that is so powerful that it creates a whirlwind. This is the catchphrase of Genos.

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