The weapon arsenal is probably the most important part of all shooters... and Free Fire is not an exception. The game has a huge variety of guns both modern and classic... and in this article, we would list out the top 5 oldest weapons in Free Fire.

5 - AK 47: 1947

The number 47 actually referring to the year the AK was finished. It is officially known as the Avtomat Kalashnikova, which means Kalashnikov's assault rifle. This weapon originated in the Soviet Union after WW2... and is well-liked all over the globe due to its ease of maintenance and production.

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It is an iconic weapon in a lot of shooter games... with the main draw being the high damage... in exchange for higher recoil.

4 - Karabiner 98k (or Kar98k): 1935

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The Kar98k's real name is Karabiner 98 Kurz, which means "carbine 98 short" in German. It is the standard service rifle of the German Wehrmacht - the army of Nazi Germany. Despite being supplemented by other automatic and semi-automatic weapons, the Kar98k remains the main weapon of the Germans until the end of the war.

Its main strength is the high accuracy comparing to other weapons of the time.

3 - Thompson: 1918

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The Thompson is an American Submachine gun invented in 1918, during World War 1. It becomes famous during America's Prohibition - with various crime syndicates using it as the weapon of choice. If you have watched gangster movies like "The Godfather" or "Goodfellas", chances that you have seen it in action.

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2 - M1887 (Winchester Model 1887): 1887

Image 5 Best M1887 Skin In Free Fire

One of the first successful repeating shotgun... the M1887 is a fairly powerful lever-action weapon... Not much to say about this weapon... as it is fairly unpopular at the time it was created.

1 - M1873 (Winchester Model 1873): 1873


The oldest weapon in Free Fire - the Winchester model 1873 is one of the most iconic guns... with the epithet "The Gun That Won the West".

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