The unique character skill system is probably what separates Free Fire from other competitors battle royale in the market. They have been continuously adding more characters, each with a different ability, story, and background... and Chrono, a character based on world-famous footballer Christiano Ronaldo, is the newest addition. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about Free Fire Chrono Character, from his backstory to ability, strategy, and more.

Free Fire Chrono New Character

1 – Free Fire Chrono Character’s Background Story

When the barrier between the two worlds was broken by a mysterious device from an evil organization, a lot of killer drones pour out from the portal... and this is where Chrono makes his debut. Chrono, the newest character in Free Fire, comes from a different dimension - he is some sort of a "dimensional police", whose task is to enforce the law and prevent evil from ruining everything.

Chrono has seen a thousand worlds and battled thousands of foes. While in Free Fire he has only one "barrier" ability... Chrono can perform a lot of other tricks with it in the story like creating a handheld shield or using it to jump around and fight.

2 – How to use Chrono's Skill


Below are the details of Chrono's skill - it is one of the more complicated abilities in Free Fire.

Free Fire New Chrono Character

When activated, Time Turner would create a stationary force field that blocks 600 damage from enemies and increase the movement speed of allied players inside the area for 15 seconds. The skill cooldown and bonus movement speed improve with levels. You can shoot at enemies outside through the bubble... while they can't shoot back.

  • Level 1: Movement Speed increases by 15%. CD 55s.
  • Level 2: Movement Speed increases by 20%. CD 54s.
  • Level 3: Movement Speed increases by 25%. CD 52s.
  • Level 4: Movement Speed increases by 30%. CD 49s.
  • Level 5: Movement Speed increases by 35%. CD 45s.
  • Level 6: Movement Speed increases by 40%. CD 40s.

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How to use Chrono's skill?

The 500 damage shield is pretty much an x3 HP increase - and when combined with the huge bonus in movement speed, you would pretty much be invulnerable. The cooldown is fairly low at 40. even faster than Alok - and the movement speed bonus is almost 3 times that of Alok.

Free Fire New Chrono Character

So what's the catch here? Well, unlike Alok's Drop the beat, the Bubble does not follow Chrono while he is moving. Because of that, it is not as useful despite the insane numbers. Overall, it is the ultimate counter skill - you can just drop it immediately after an enemy start shooting at you and begin your counterattack - usually, people would just run instead of trying to get through that 500 HP wall. It does not block movements, however - enemies can pass through it just fine.

Free Fire New Chrono Character

With the duration being 10 seconds, you can just drop the field on a downed teammate and revive them... or heal yourself with a medkit.

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3 – What to use in combination with Chrono's skill?

Chrono's skill is pretty versatile - it can go with pretty much everything... even if you are not using any particular skill build. A sniper combo with Rafael and Laura might be the top choice - long-range enemies have no choice other than retreat if they are not able to break the barrier... and with these two skills, you would always be able to stay at long range.

Free Fire New Chrono Character

A close-range combat build with Alok and K would be great as well. If you have taken a lot of damage prior, the barrier would give your character temporary protection so that Alok and K's skills can heal you back to full. You can also pop a medkit if enemies can't reach your location fast enough.

4 – What gun to use on Chrono?

With Chrono's "Time Turner" barrier skill serves as an emergency shield, sniper builds would be stronger than ever. Even if enemies detect you, they would not be able to retaliate, giving you the opportunity to take a few more shots.

Using this barrier is pretty tricky in close range fights, but not impossible. It is best that you use high-damage weapons like shotguns to take advantage of the barrier's duration.

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