Garena Free Fire offers quite a range of control settings to provide the best comfort to players. From sensitivity to button layout and a rainbow of things in between, you're in complete control of how to operate things. However, the popular Battle Royale game does not support a DPI alteration feature. But that doesn't mean you can not change the value, just have to go the other around. Here's a complete guide on How To Increase DPI In Free Fire!

What is DPI?

DPI, or Dots Pèr Inch, is a technical term that refers to the alteration in the sensitivity of your system. This value is used to measure the number of individual dots, or dot density, that can fit within 1 inch (2.54 cm). To put it another way, DPI  displays the number of pixels in 1 inch of space. The higher the figure, the higher the dot density.

You may be familiar with this terminology on mouses. Increasing the DPI allow your mouse to cover more space on the screen in the same glide action. To illustrate, let's say your device sits at 480 DPI, then as you move it one inch (2.54 cm), the mouse pointer will move 480 pixels on the screen. Similarly, it will move 1600 pixels when the DPI is 1600. The default value, also perhaps the best DPI for Free Fire is 480.

Best DPI Settings for Mobile Devices

Since smartphones and other portable smart devices are compact, they can not allow features as those on PC or consoles. And unfortunately, altering DPI is one of them. Currently, users can find smartphones of all shapes and sizes, however, they often share the same default DPI values. Below are the recommended DPI for Free Fire:

Free Fire Dpi Phone
Different phones have different DPI
  • 3GB RAM: 410 DPI
  • 4GB RAM and above: 480 DPI

Note: A pro tip right here, to find out the exact DPI match for your device, set your font to the smallest!

Effects of Increasing DPI

Here are the possible effects that increasing DPI may have on your devices:

Free Fire
Is increasing the DPI worth it? Read on to find out!
  • Increase the sensitivity or the number of pixels per inch on your screen
  • Scroll faster with the glide action
  • Allow players to cover more space, and perhaps get more headshots. More on How to Use DPI in Free Fire below!

How to Increase DPI in Free Fire?

In most cases, we strongly advise users against tuning or changing the DPI of their devices. It may do more harm than good. But, if you're determined about doing so, then check out the steps below to increase DPI for mobile phones:

Android Developer Options
Developer Options on Android devices
  • #1 Open Settings → System → About Phone → Build Number. Tap on 'Build Number' 5 to 10 times to access Developer Mode.
  • #2 In the Developer Mode, you will have the authority to increase the Smallest Width (DPI or PPI). By default, most devices have this value at 360 to 400.
  • #3 Change the Smallest Width (DPI) accordingly.

Best DPI for Free Fire Headshot

This may come as a major surprise for you, but the best DPI settings for playing Free Fire, or getting more headshots in the game are actually the default ones. The ideal range is between 410 - 480. Changing, or altering the default value by any means may break the device's system completely. On top of that, each smartphone can only support a certain DPI value, which has already been set by the developers.

Free Fire Dpi Headshot
Get familiar with the default DPI settings may give you more chances of headshots

Negative Effects of Increasing DPI on Mobile Devices

Smartphones come with much smaller screens as compared to PCs. So, it would be a no-brainer to say that you can not expect it to work as efficiently. That's why the devs set the default DPI values at just 410 to 480. Phones can only cover that range in a smooth fashion. They are not built to endure other speeds. So, if you change the DPI for a long time, here are the things that you will be dealing with:

  • Overheating and battery drain will be the number one concern
  • System malfunctions may occur after 2-3 days. The smallest touches on the screen can shut down the whole system.
  • Low charging speed and a significant decrease in the phone's life span.
  • Internal breakdowns
Free Fire Sensitivity Settings
And also, don't forget to get your sensitivity settings right!

That's everything you need to know about How To Increase DPI in Free Fire! If you want to alter the DPI value on your devices, it's entirely your choice to make. However, please be aware of the repercussions. We suggest trying it out first on low-end devices only. For more guides, tips, and tricks regarding Garena Free Fire, visit our website at