Being one of the most famous open-world games, the biggest shortest of GTA 5 is that is it not available for mobile devices. While other games of the franchise like GTA: San Andreas, GTA 3 or GTA: Vice City can be found on mobile app stores, GTA 5 is only available to PC and consoles. Fortunately, there is a trick to play GTA 5 on Android legally by using apps Steam Link. Keep scrolling for detailed instructions.

Gta 5 Mobile adnroid
How to play GTA 5 on Android is a common question of many players as the game has yet to be made available for mobile

Play GTA 5 on Android with Steam Link

Steam Link is one of the mirroring apps which allows streamers to stream games on Android devices via Bluetooth connection. Of course, you will need a PC or laptop to connect the Android device to. To make GTA 5 playable on Android devices, you can follow some simple steps below:

  • Download the Steam Link app on both your PC and Mobile. Get Steam Link download for Mobile right HERE.
  • Connect your mobile with a PC by choosing the PC name and enter the authorizing code shown on the desktop.
  • After successfully connecting, you can get access to your desktop from mobile via the “Steam Big Picture mode”.
  • Launch the GTA 5 app from the library and start playing.

Apart from GTA 5, this method can be applied to many other PC games if you want to try playing them from a mobile device.

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Above is the only legal way to play GTA 5 on Android phones. Other methods of playing the game without supporting apps and devices are unavailable. Although many sources claim to provide the GTA 5 APK download for Android, these files are untrusted and there are only a few missions available.

Meanwhile, GTA’s developer Rockstar Games has yet to announce a plan of bringing GTA 5 to mobile.

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