GTA is one of the most popular game franchises in the world. With an entertaining story and a big open world, the game still attracts many new players until now. If you are a GTA fan, you must have been noticing a trend on Instagram and Tik Tok recently with GTA effects and filters. To be honest, those effects look actually pretty cool and fun to try and do yourself. However, they are not available in the effects collection of Instagram at all.

Many people really want to try them out but they just don't know how to use GTA effect in Instagram. In this article, we will show you how to get and use GTA effect in Instagram and make those cool videos in just a few steps.

How To Use GTA Effect In Instagram
GTA filters are currently a trend on TikTok and Instagram

1. What Are GTA Instagram Effects?

GTA Instagram effects or Instagram filter will insert GTA characters or elements into your pictures, videos. With the currently GTA filter Instagram trending, Grove Street Member, it will look like that you are talking to GTA characters. If it is done right, you can make some pretty interesting videos get a lot of likes on Instagram.

However, it is clear that these GTA Instagram effects are not available in the effects menu of Instagram. They were actually made by artists and illustrators and you have to download them to your phone.

2. How To Get GTA Instagram Effects?

Below is the link to several GTA Instagram filters. You can add them to your filter collection by open the links on your phone and choose "Save effect".

GTA Filter: Grove Street Member

This Grove Street Member GTA filter will create 3 talking GTA characters in front of you, making it look like that you are actually talking to GTA characters. This GTA filter was made by an AR Effect Creator called Kevin Koci on Instagram.

Here is the Grove Street Member GTA Filter link.

GTA Filter: GTA San Andreas

The GTA San Andreas GTA filter will turn whatever on your camera into the artistic style of GTA San Andreas. You can turn yourself and your surroundings into a GTA San Andreas location.

Here is the GTA San Andreas GTA Filter link.

Gta Instagram Filter
GTA Filter: GTA San Andreas

GTA Filter: Arigato x GTA V Lite

The Arigato x GTA V Lite is another GTA filter you should take a look into. It was created by an Instagram user named "andjiva". This filter is kind of a mix of anime and GTA.

Here is the Arigato x GTA V Lite Filter link.

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3. How To Use GTA Effect In Instagram?

After you have gotten the GTA Effect in Instagram you want, it will be saved to your filter collection on Instagram.

Now, to use GTA effect in Instagram videos, just record a video and simply choose the filter then post it anywhere you like.

Instagram Reel GTA Transformation Effect Tutorial

This is also another trend on Instagram and Tiktok when you record a video and then you turn into a GTA character on a GTA background. However, this will require a little bit more work than just using an effect.

  • First, you need a video of yourself, a GTA background, the Pics Art app, and the Kine Master app.
  • Open the video on Kine Master and capture the last frame of it.
  • Open the captured frame on Pics Art and start transforming it.

In FX tab -> Sketch -> SKTCH1 and then adjust the line to match your picture. Choose Highlight and set fade to 50. Choose Magic and set fade to 50.

Instagram Reels Gta Effect
Adjust your picture using effects in the FX tab

In Tool tab, you can increase a little bit Contrast, Saturation, Highlights how you like it. Erase the background manually with Erase tool. Save it to Gallery when done.

  • Open the GTA background on Pics Art.

Crop the image to the size of your video. Swipe the menu on the bottom to the right to find the Add Photo option to add your picture into the background. Adjust the size and the position of the picture to fit into the background. Save it when done.

Instagram Reels Gta Effect Tutorial
Adjust the position and the size to fit the background
  • Go back to Kine Master and add the picture to the end of the video.

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