Hoyoverse announced their plan to improve and enhance the user experience in Genshin Impact 4.2. These improvements are expected to bring Genshin Impact players better gaming time. Let's check out upcoming enhancements for the gaming experience in Genshin 4.2 here.

#1. Weekly Boss Quick Challenge

In Genshin Impact 4.2, Genshin Impact players, especially beginners, are allowed to challenge Weekly Bosses to farm talent level-up materials without completing requisite quests. It's a great change in this game as the game has introduced lots of Weekly Bosses up to now.

If this game retains the old mechanism of unlocking Weekly bosses by completing quests, it will take beginners several weeks to complete those old quests. The quick challenge button allows those newcomers to unlock these bosses for materials.

Quick Challenge Trounce Domains
The new function of Quick Challenge Trounce Domains will help the game easier and faster.

However, this feature still has some limitations. Firstly, the domain of Lupus Boreas is located on the Teyvat map. Therefore, you have to complete the requisite story quest to unlock this enemy. Besides, it's only available for Genshin players at Adventure Rank 40 and above. Moreover, you can only counter them in the Single-Player mode.

#2. Story Quest System Enhancement

Each 5-star playable character has a unique story quest. Currently, you have to complete daily commissions to obtain Story Keys. But you can hold only three keys at maximum. Therefore, many players use all their obtained keys to unlock all available story quests without having time to do these quests.

However, the game publisher allows a character can take part in only one quest at one moment. Therefore, lots of NPCs are stuck in some other quests. Then, players have to do many quest chains at once. It's an annoying issue that destroys the experience of gamers.

Story Quest System Genshin 4 2
There is a big change to the Story Quest system in Genshin 4.2.

To solve this problem, the game publisher will divide the unlocking and accepting quest functions. It lets you unlock the quest without doing it, and the NPC will not be stuck in other quests.

#3. Mini-Map Improvement

Hoyoverse will continue to improve the minimap in Update 4.2. In specific, the total pin limit will be expanded to 200 points. You can mark more objects on the minimap. Besides, you can select and remove several custom markers at once with the batch-deleting pin function. It makes the game easier.

Batch Deleting Pins
Batch-Deleting Pin is a new function for the minimap.

#4. Genius Invokation TCG Speed

Genius Invokation TCG is an exciting game mode. However, many players have complained about the slow pace of this game. So, Hoyoverse will increase the speed of this game by adding two new features, including:

  •  Accelerate Duel (increase the speed of animation);
  • Deck Sharing Code
Genius Invokation Tcg
Genius Invokation TCG will have two new functions to make the game faster!

These updates are expected to bring a better Genshin UX to gamers. The next update will be available to experience next month. Just stay updated!

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