Total Gaming or Ajjubhai94, is the owner of the biggest Free Fire Youtube channel in India. He started from scratch and it only took him 2 years to get 20 million subscribers. Today, we are going to take a deeper look at the journey of how Ajjubhai94 became the most influential Youtuber in India.

What was Ajjubhai94 like before he got famous?

Ajjubhai never thought that he would have a successful gaming career when he started playing games. He was just watching famous Indian Youtubers at the time and slowly got interested in it. He watched a lot of PUBG Mobile Youtubers, but with his low-end smartphone, he couldn't play the game. He decided to give Free Fire a try instead. Free Fire was actually the first video game he ever played although it is hard to believe.

What was Ajjubhai94's vision for the Total Gaming channel?

Ajjubhai didn't have friends with similar interests so he made the Total Gaming Youtube channel to find people to chat and interact with. He started with 2-3 views per stream and now he has a huge community who support wherever he goes. He is looking to expand to the channel with many new titles but he doesn't have time yet. He will try out the upcoming League of Legend Mobile game to see if he likes it.

How Ajjubhai94 think about the exceptional growth of his channel?

He expected his channel to grow this fast in only 2 years. He was just playing and creating content and suddenly one day, he has become the most subscribed gaming YouTube channel in India with 8 million subscribers.

What makes Ajjubhai94 different from other Free Fire Youtuber?

Ajjubhai thinks that it was because of the clean and candid content he made that people love. He also tackles a lot of real-life problems that other gamers are having while playing games on their PC or phones.

Why Ajjubhai94 keeps his identity anonymous?

Apart from his Youtube career, Ajjubhai94 also has another job. He also doesn't like being recognized in public. He plans to reveal himself in the future once he makes it further and makes gaming a full-time career.


Ajjubhai94 on Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile

Ajjubhai thinks that Free Fire is more accessible to PUBG Mobile so it has a bigger audience. However, he doesn't understand what the Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile is all about. He just wants to play all the games to entertain himself and the audience.

Other games Ajjubhai94 plays

Apart from Free Fire and Minecraft, Ajjubhai94 also loves playing GTA, which got a great response from the viewers. He hasn't played any single-player game at all.

Ajjubhai94 on PUBG Mobile ban and Free Fire

Ajjubhai thinks that the PUBG Mobile helps people to become more open to newer games and give other titles a chance. He also thinks that Free Fire got a great benefit from the PUBG Mobile ban as many players moved to Free Fire.

Ajjubhai94 on the Indian esports scene

Ajjubhai thinks Free Fire has a huge opportunity to grow in India because it is accessible. The COVID-19 pandemic has given PC gaming a great boost. He thinks that the real growth of the Indian esports scene has even started yet and this is only the beginning.

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