Minion Valley is the latest offering from developer CR Logics, the same studio behind the cutesy FPS game Minion Shooter that launched a couple of years back. This upcoming release is less of a shooter and more of an idle clicker, though, and it’s set to hit Google Play and the App Store later this month on the 23rd of October. Check out its trailer below:

That said, its status as an idle clicker is rather debatable as the developer has said that the gameplay will be much more involved than other titles in the genre with some elements of a card game included.

The goal of Minion Valley is to take down various physics-based towers with an extensive arsenal of weaponry. As seen from the trailer above, this can range from throwing a few gasoline cans on the tower and then setting them on fire to summoning a tornado to blow it away.  Everything looks incredibly fun.

Minion Valley Gameplay
Destroy the towers with an extensive arsenal of weapons

It appears that the towers come in different materials as well, so we can speculate that this will affect how vulnerable they are to different weapons. On the other hand, maybe this is just to add a bit of visual variety. We’ll have to wait until the game rolls out to say for sure.

The clicker side of things comes through the resource management aspect. There’s a total of 10 factories with 90 different resources to craft. So you can imagine that while the actual gameplay still follows the traditional clicker formula, there are quite a lot of things that you have to monitor.

Minion Valley Tower
The towers come in different materials, which might affect how vulnerable they are to different weapons

As mentioned above, Minion Valley will arrive on both Google Play and the App Store on October 23rd. Moreover, interested players can already pre-order the game right now. It’ll be a free-to-play title with IAPs included.