The overall economy of India is thriving. Money rushes in, casinos will follow. That is to say, as more and more people are getting affluent, the demand for entertainment grow. Indian people now earn extra money, and could even afford the time for some recreational activities, in this case, gaming. Mobile gaming has been a budding industry in India, which blooms under favorable conditions. And we would discuss some of those amazing advantages.

Ms Dhoni Yuzvendra Chahal
Mobile Gaming is widely popular in India

The Scope for Advertisers

As reported, a solid three out of four Indian gamers play mobile games at least twice a day. By 2022, the industry is projected to arrive at 943 million dollars, as “The Power of Mobile Gaming in India” stated from the Mobile Marketing Association, Kantar IMRB, and POKKT. India lies among the top 5 gaming countries worldwide, with the number of gamers surpassing 250 million.

Gaming is a popular activity for Indians in age brackets. Among those gamers, 21% of whom are above 35. Those are people with established careers who have earned a substantial amount of money. With that noted, they are now the new target of the advertisers. Many experts in fact consider the aforementioned market projections to be conservative since many big names in India did not fully invest in advertising for mobiles.

The growth of the gaming industry has brought about several opportunities for advertisers.

Also, the gambling industry is believed to account for a significant part in the Indian gaming market. Notable online casinos like Casumo have been prevalent in India, prompting other competitors to join the game.

Games Boosted the Manufacture of Mobile Devices

And of course, the mobiles manufacturers benefit greatly from Indians’ growing interest in games. As Indians want to play games, the demand for mobile devices also increases. India is reported to surpass (or even have surpassed) Russia and Brazil in handset purchases and game downloads.

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There is now a wide variety of affordable choice in the Indian smartphone market.

The gaming industry also attracts foreign investments to India. Collaboration with overseas countries has set a foundation for gaming platforms, for example, Gamepind. Tencent is also a shareholder of some huge game titles in India such as League of Legends, World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. Other companies like Youzu (China) and Gamesbond (Vietnam) have started to issue some strategy mobile games.

The Online Gambling Thrives.

The smartphone-based games also allow Indians to gamble. Normally, physical gambling is banned in India, but online gambling is not really restricted by any law. Experts do believe that the value of Indian gaming has kept lawmakers from stopping online gambling.

The enthusiasm for gambling rises in keeping with Indians’ growing interest in mobile games.

While the Indian gaming industry receives such attention, the growth calculations for it doesn’t seem too bright. Not every big Indian advertiser has paid serious attention to the industry, which still has room for overseas investors to join. At this rate, the gaming industry in India will develop alongside other giants in First World nations, or is even better. The high population and the ever-growing need for smartphones is an advantage in expanding the gaming industry in comparison with other countries.