Stalwart Esports, one of the biggest esports organizations in India has just announced the recruitment of a PUBG Mobile lineup from Pakistan named Team Freestyle. The squad would be renamed Stalwart Esports and will be taking part in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia Season 2.

What is the reason behind this decision? Why are they abandoning India?

There is pretty much no other avenue of investment that could be done to preserve the PUBG Mobile Pro Scene in India - the whole thing was killed by both the Indian Government and PUBG Mobile devs.

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While the Indian government has not banned the server's IP from India and people can still play the game, they also forbid the players from participating in international tournaments. This decision is echoed by PUBG Mobile devs as well - Stalwart Esports' Indian lineup along with 15 other teams has been dropped from PMPL South Asia.

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Their Free Fire roster is still Indian

Because of that, Stalwart has signed another roster and would participate in the PMPL as Pakistani. So far, this is the only Indian org that has signed with another South Asian team. It remains to be seen if other organizations like TSM would follow their footsteps. This would definitely affect the growth of Indian Esports.

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Would PUBG Mobile come back in time to save the day?

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The answer is... not anytime soon. People are leaving the game en masse, especially the streamers and content creators, as their revenue is tied to the game... and they cannot stick with a dead game for long. TSM Entity's whole lineup has considered moving to Wild Rift, Team Soul and Scout are playing Free Fire...

If this continues to happen, the PUBG Mobile scene would probably never recover.

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