Tanmay 'Scout' Singh is a former professional PUBG Mobile player - one of the most famous in the scene. The guy has also been working as a streamer and content creator for quite a while, with a whopping 3 million subscribers on YouTube. Currently, after PUBG Mobile got banned, Scout is streaming various other games like Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile Among Us, and more.

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Scout's original Tweet

His fame and the growth of his channel has made Scout a target for hackers. On Saturday, Scout has posted a Tweet asking for help after his YouTube channel was hacked. Below is the post from Scout's Twitter.

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Usually, people are not supposed to contact YouTube through unofficial channels like Twitter, however, it looks like Scout has no choice. According to Urvesh, Scout's video editor for YouTube, they have lost all access to the account - the hackers even managed to remove the recovery email from the settings as well (which meant there is no chance for them to recover the account by themselves).

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Info from Scout's editor

Currently, the hackers have not done anything to Scout's account yet - and with YouTube's help, there probably won't be able to. Scout's fans did pretty well by Retweeting his post to catch YouTube's attention. YouTube has replied to Scout in both public tweets and DM.

YouTube's Reply

After this event, we can see that the security of accounts is super important - especially if you are a famous streamer like Scout. To tighten the security of your device, use a long password, 2-factor logins, and anti-virus software. Most targeted hacks involving infecting your personal devices with a virus.

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