For all players who are still able to play PUBG Mobile Lite in India, a new update has been released, featuring a lot of new and exciting features. This is pretty much one of the biggest patches this year for Lite, with the comeback of the Zombie Mode.

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PUBG Mobile Lite new update

In the following article, we would list out everything you need to know about the update.

1 - New "Survive Till Dawn" Zombie Mode

As part of the Halloween Celebration, the long-awaited Zombie mode has been reintroduced to PUBG Mobile Lite. It was part of the Beta version of the game but was removed for unknown reasons in the release version. Now, after a lifetime of waiting, players can now try the mode in the Lite version.

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PUBG Mobile Lite is catching up with PUBG Mobile at a fast rate

The gameplay of Survive Till Dawn remains unchanged compared to the normal version of PUBG Mobile. Players, with the aid of heavy weapons, would have to survive the zombie hordes until the end of the night. These zombies get stronger and stronger after every wave - players would need a decent level of teamwork to survive.

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2 - New Vehicles

The Autorickshaw in PUBG Mobile Lite

Two of the most unique vehicles have been added to PUBG Mobile - the Mirado and Autorickshaw. Players can try both of them on the Spawn Island. While the Mirado is definitely going to see play, being a top tier vehicle.. the Autorickshaw is not likely to be used.

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Players can update their PUBG Mobile Lite App to 0.19.0 using TapTap. Interested in more of our posts related to PUBG Mobile? Please check out this article to find out more about the recent interview of Scout, one of the biggest PUBG Mobile Pro Players in India.