The heated topic of banning PUBG Mobile in India is seeing a new development, as the Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) has recently filed a PIL to the Gujarat High Court to challenge the ban of the game that was previously implemented in the state.

As we reported many times before, PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games in India at the moment, and many youngsters are spending too much time on it to the point where they neglect their studies and even steal money from their parents to buy in-game cosmetic items.

This has resulted in the game receiving heavy criticism from parents, as they claim it is leading to addiction, violent tendencies, and generally negative behaviors among their children.

Pubg Mobile Kid Addiction
Parents are blaming PUBG Mobile as the cause of gaming addiction among children

Against all this backlash, some cities in Gujarat imposed a ban on PUBG Mobile, according to which anyone spotted playing the game could face legal repercussion. This ban reportedly saw about 20 people arrested, although they were all later released on bail.

While the ban has since been removed in several cities, IFF shared a post on Reddit yesterday stating that it had filed a PIL against the ban as the organization believed that it violated Articles 14, 19 and 21 of the constitution.

Pubg Ban 1
The ban of PUBG Mobile in Gujarat is believed to have violated several articles of the constitution

“What is worse are the legal prosecutions that have resulted from it,” the Reddit post reads, “While the PUBG ban may seem absurd and amusing at first glance, it is no laughing matter. Out of the twenty-one people arrested, at least thirteen were young college students. For a young student who is worried about his family’s reaction and future career prospects, being arrested by the police can be a deeply traumatic experience.”

IFF thinks that the reason behind the ban of PUBG Mobile is just simply moral panic, and it is not an effective solution. “The harms from video games require scientific study and then non-legal methods of engagement,” it said.