Arataki Itto is a 5 star Geo Claymore character in Genshin Impact. He is a surprisingly simple and effective DPS character, who is super easy to play and gear. The only thing he needs is a strong shield and some energy regeneration to keep his combo up.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the best Arataki Itto team comps for high DPS. He's one of the 6 best DPS characters in Genshin Impact currently.

Best Team For Itto
Gorou is needed for best Itto team comps in Genshin Impact.

1. High-End Itto Team Comps

Overall, Itto is the character to pull for if you don't really want to think and roll for gear stats. He is extremely easy to gear and play, with high single target DPS and high damage multipliers. The source of this power is his CRIT% hidden stat, insane self-buffs and consistent Geo procs.

Additionally, Itto is not reliant on constellations and can even deal decent AoE damage with Superlative Strength. Players just need to solve his energy problem (80 cost Burst) and give him a good shield.

Itto Best Claymore
Itto's ability

Itto Pure Geo Team

IttoMain DPSHusk of Opulent Dreams (4)Any
AlbedoSub DPSHusk of Opulent Dreams (4)Any
GorouSupportArchaic Petra (4)C6 (if possible)
ZhongliSub DPS/SupportTenacity of the Millelith (4)Any

Itto is the main DPS of the lineup, dealing damage with his charged attacks. Albedo provide off-field damage with his Burst and extra DEF to the team (with C2)

Gorou is the core support of this lineup, providing Itto and Albedo with a DEF boost and Geo DMG bonus (especially when C6). By gearing him up with Archaic Petra, Gorou picking crystal can provide the team with a +35% Geo DMG bonus.

Character Revenue Up To Albedo Rerun
Albedo just happened to be part of this team because of his synergy with Gorou.

Lastly, Zhongli is the Millelith carrier that provides a shield and extra damage when triggered.

Itto + Raiden Shogun Team

IttoMain DPSHusk of Opulent Dreams (4)Any
NingguangSub DPSNoblesse Oblige (4)C6 (if possible)
GorouSupportArchaic Petra (4)C6 (if possible)
Raiden ShogunSub DPS/BatteryEmblem Of Severed Fate (4)Any

Itto is the main DPS of this team with his charged attack under the support of Gorou. Ningguang serves as the burst DPS/sub DPS of the team, who can also carry Thrilling Tales and Noblesse to boost Itto's damage. Her kit also gets buffed by Gorou's kit.

Raiden would be the main battery of the team, and also serve as a sub-DPS while Itto's Elemental Burst is on cooldown.

Genshin Impact Baal Build Raiden Shogun
When it comes to being a battery, Raiden Shogun is probably the best choice in the game.

2. Mid-Tier Itto Team Comps

Itto Geo Pyro Team

IttoMain DPSHusk of Opulent Dreams (4)Any
XianglingSub DPSEmblem Of Severed Fate (4)C6 (if possible)
GorouSupportArchaic Petra (4)C6 (if possible)
BennettSupportNoblesse Oblige (4)C5 (if possible)

This is a fairly f2p friendly lineup, with everyone other than Itto being 4 star. However, Gorou is still a required character, as his kit elevates Itto to the next level.

Besides the usual Itto + Gorou charged attack combo, Xiangling is here to provide extra Pyro damage and serve as the sub DPS of the team when Itto's burst is on cooldown. Furthermore, she also provides Pyro resonance with the support of Bennett. This stack on top of the existing Geo resonance to makes Itto a huge stat stick.

Bennett is the final component of this team, providing Healing and ATK boost with his Burst. He is also the best Noblesse carrier.

Bennett is part of the best Itto team comp if you don't want to run pure Geo.

Itto Geo Team (without Gorou)

IttoMain DPSHusk of Opulent Dreams (4)Any
Geo TravelerSupportArchaic Petra (4)C6 (if possible)
NoelleSub DPSHusk of Opulent Dreams (4)C6 (if possible)
BennettSupportNoblesse Oblige (4)C5 (if possible)

Itto is still the main DPS of this comp, however, his role is now shared with Noelle. This team can be extremely powerful with a well-invested Noelle playing the sub DPS role whenever Itto's Burst is on cooldown.

Geo traveler is the main battery of the team, providing energy to Itto to recharge his Burst faster. Bennett is the one-fit all support who can heal and boost the whole team's ATK.

Aether Traveler Sword
Genshin Impact Itto team comp usually need a battery, which the Traveler can provide.

3. F2P Itto Team Comp

This lineup is designed for complete f2p and new players who only have Itto as the sole 5 star character without many good support characters. The following lineup outside of Itto can be acquired for free.

IttoMain DPSAnyAny
XianglingSub DPSAnyAny

The main combo is Itto and Xiangling being main and sub DPS, respectively. They are supported by Kaeya, who is a good battery that allows Itto to gain energy. Xiangling and Amber unlock Pyro Resonance to give Itto extra damage.

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