Kings of the Castle is an intriguing adventure game in which you will get to explore a colorful fantasy world. It is an offering from developer Frosty Pop and it just hit Apple Arcade last weekend.

The plot of the game is not the cliché “saving the princess from the castle of the evil dragon” that you often see in fairytales. In fact, it’s the exact opposite: The story kicks off when the evil dragon Zantorian captured Prince Rupert and locked him up in a secluded castle tower located on a super dangerous island. Lord Baldor now sends you, an intrepid princess, on a quest to save the prince and put an end to the whole dragon problem.

Kings Of The Castle
In Kings of the Castle, you'll be playing as the princess trying to rescue the prince, not the other way around

Throughout your journey, you'll have to use your skills to overcome tough foes, avoid deadly traps, and collect gems to ransom the prince. Don’t take too long, however, as the dragon gets hungrier and hungrier by the minute and Rupert could make for a perfectly fine snack.

It’s clear that the dev wants to deliver something different compared to the mainstream. Kings of the Castle also features a diverse roster of characters that has been inspired by Canadian, Eastern European, East Asian, and South Asian cultures.

Kings Of The Castle Ios Screenshot Level
The game draws inspirations from many different cultures

You can opt to play the game entirely by yourself or go co-op with a friend. The premise of rescuing the prince as soon as possible sounds like it could make for a good speedrun material as well, so hopefully we’ll have some replayability on our hands.

Kings Of The Castle Ios Screenshot Trees
You can opt to play alone or with a friend

This is the fifth game of Frosty Pop to come to Apple Arcade, with the other four being The Get Out Kids, Don’t Bug Me, The Pinball Wizard, and Big Time Sports. Kings of the Castle certainly looks like it ticks many neat boxes, so we are looking forward to taking it out for a spin.