Under this normal looking world is a fantasy world that exists side by side with us with magical fairy tale creatures. No, I am not talking about Narnia. This is Luna: The Shadow Dust, a puzzle adventure game developed by Lantern Studio.

You can check out the trailer of Luna: The Shadow Dust below.

The magical underworld is losing its balance and our main character, a boy, is the only hope to get everything back to normal. He will have to go on a journey to restore the order of the world. On his way, he will meet a mysterious friend who looks like Gastly, the pokemon, in a catsuit.

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You will be accompanied by a weird creature

Explore ancient towers and solve puzzles to find out all the lost memories of this world. You will need both courage and hope to go through the whirlwind of emotions in this journey.

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Beautiful hand-drawn graphics

Key features:

  • The graphics and animations are drawn frame by frame, a super time-consuming, expensive method, but also a great achievement for a small indie developer team.
  • The game only has the single-player mode, but you will have to control 2 characters at the same time to solve puzzles and overcome challenges. Double the challenge, double the fun.
  • There are no dialogues in the game, only cinematic animations. No matter who you are or where you from, you can easily understand the game and the story easily.
  • The music score was original and created solely for the game. It allows players to totally immerse into this world and feel all the emotions on the journey

LUNA The Shadow Dust will be coming to PC (Steam) on February 13 for a price of $19.99. You can also download the demo of the game for free on Steam now to try it out first.