Now, you might call yourself an avid gamer, but have you ever tried a game where you can throw mini-planets as grenades? Because that’s precisely what you’re going to do in Amid Evil, and let me tell you, it’s super awesome. Check out the game’s trailer below to see for yourself:

Alongside Ion Fury and 2018's Dusk, Amid Evil aims to revive the thrilling FPS experiences of the 90s by putting a strong focus on speed and hectic action. That said, the game is great not simply because it plays on the nostalgia of the players. The basic 3D graphics and rough textures, the intimidating environments you zoom through at breakneck speed, the combination of medieval architecture with a cosmic theme all serve to create a hell of a mood. Amid Evil oozes a kind of vibe that just cannot be found in games with realistic movements and graphics.

And then there’s the shooting, which is incredibly satisfying. The game boasts an extensive arsenal of bizarre and over-the-top weapons, such as an axe that you can spin through enemies’ flesh like a propeller or a sword that unleashes green energy slashes. More and more ludicrous stuff will show up as you go, and eventually you’ll get your hands on a staff that launches planets as grenades as I mentioned above, or an arcane gun that fries anybody nearby with bolts of purple lightning. Or when you enter the powered up "soul mode," it emits a black hole that devours everything.

Amid Evil Weapons
Plenty of over-the-top weapons to play with

But while these weapons indeed feel very powerful to use, your enemies are no slouch either. One moment of distraction and you’ll find yourself getting torn to shreds by their devastating blows. In fact, most of the time you’ll probably be running around the room to avoid incoming attacks, using whatever weapons that seem appropriate to the situation.

Enemies come in a wide variety of shapes and forms too. There are snake men, levitating space wizards, astral warriors who bear a resemblance to Lord Zedd from Power Rangers, terrifying Cthulhu-like blobs and twisted horrors with hooks for hands. All of these are relatively easy to beat, but the diversity shows that the developer has put a lot of effort into its game, and these foes are not too repetitive to the point of becoming boring either.

Amid Evil Enemies
Multiple types of enemies

Aesthetic-wise, Amid Evil doesn’t even try to hide the fact that cohesion is not the name of the game here. In fact, it seems to take pride in that. Each of the game’s worlds is a completely unique and different series of levels with their own types of enemies.

That means you’ll constantly be exploring new environments as you progress. Platforming in fast-paced games like these can get tedious and annoying, and that does happen on occasions with Amid Evil when you're navigating some unnecessarily narrow steps or going back to a previous save for the ninth time to try and pull of a particularly tricky jump. But I rarely minded as the surroundings were so stunning.

Amid Evil Setting
The environments are all magnificent

In one level I jumped across several pistons attached to a giant machine to make my way up stone towers suspended in the middle of the sky. In another I traverse intertwined bridges that look like DNA, connecting segments of a cathedral floating in the vast emptiness of space. It’s all so over-the-top yet awesome at the same time. I imagine that this is the result of a creative individual thinking “What’s the weirdest, most bizarre thing I can think of?” and then going ahead and turning it into a video game.

The game does rely a little too much on the “find keys – open doors” mechanic, but you can bet that behind that door awaits a magnificent view. You can find Amid Evil available on Steam right now.