Welcome back to the weekly section of Steam Free Weekend. Last week, we might be distracted by the 12 days of free games event by Epic Games Store, but as soon as the hype drop, let's get back to our good old tradition.

This week, we're welcoming Gamescom 2019's Best Racing Game - GRID 2019. The TOCA series has proven itself through generations of PlayStation but has seen a long stagnation after the third title. And the launch of GRID 2019 was reviewed as the greatest reboot of the whole franchise.

You can watch its trailer below to admire how beautiful the cars and races in this game are:

About GRID 2019

GRID 2019 is the fourth and also the latest installment of the series from the developer Codemasters. And everything the series has done well, GRID 2019 has done better than that. For example, all of the titular cars like Chevrolet Corvette C7.R or the Cadillac DPi-V.R is coming back to the game with much more polished looks. But that's not all, as the developer has packed several new cars into the roster, broaden its to more than 70 cars in total.

Grid 2019 Free To Play Weekend Steam 4
GRID 2019 brings more beautiful cars into the series

Getting on the car, it's time to make your heart race with the intense racing experience. Featuring stunning visuals, GRID 2019 transfers almost every beat of the races directly into your heart with insanely fast speed, paint scratching and as well as devastating crashes. All of them are embellished by the gorgeous lights on the street at night or the detailed environment in the day.

Grid 2019 Free To Play Weekend Steam 1
The details of both on-road racing and the off-road landscape are just stunning

However, the game has more than just racing endlessly with senseless AI and making your career. To be more specific, this is the first time in the GRID series for a game to have the Nemesis features, which was only possible thanks to more than 400 AI personalities. For example, some might race more violently and tend to collide much more often, but some just focus on the race. At the same time, if you annoy specific opponents in too many races, he might hold some anger toward you, which might change their whole personality.

Grid 2019 Free To Play Weekend Steam 3
Destroying them in too many races might make them become your nemesis

Overall, GRID 2019 is definitely a must-try if you're die-hard fans of racing games.

Free to play this weekend on Steam

Right this moment, the free-to-play offer of GRID 2019 from Steam has already started. Hence, you can head to its Steam page right now and start downloading, as this free offer would not last much longer.

Grid 2019 Free To Play Weekend Steam 2
Grid 2019 will be free to play until January 6

It will end before Monday, but if you're really interested in its goods, the 56% sale will be there until today ends. Enjoy!