To celebrate New Year, The Epic Games Store is ending its giveaway event with a blast. They are giving away not one but three games today. The event would last for a week, and your only requirement for claiming the free games is to have an Epic Account. The freebies are located on the main store page – you only need to scroll down a little bit to find them.

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You would play as Death in the second game

Two of the free games are from the Darksiders series, action games with fast-paced hack and slash, with various additional RPG elements. If you haven’t played this series before, its time. You would play as one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse – War in the first game and Death in the second. The story is just the usual “save the world”, which involving you clearing out every enemy on a linear map. If you are worried about the dated gameplay, don’t. The version of the game that was given away is Remastered, which means the quality of the series has been brought to 2019’s standard.

War, the main character in the first game

The Darksiders franchise has just spawned two sequels, Darksiders 3 and Darksiders Genesis, with the latter being an action RPG with a top-down view, which actually hasn’t been done in any Darksiders game so far.

All the extreme sports in Steep

The last game in the give away is Steep, a 2016 sports sim made by Ubisoft. There are actually a lot of extreme sports covered by this game and not just snowboarding. You can do skiing, sledding, paragliding, wingsuit flying or even base jumping. It was a decent simulator game – and if you don’t know anything about those sports, it would be a great idea to try them out.

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