The rising Korean game developer Shift Up recently announced 2 new titles that are coming to the global market in a media event called “Crank in Showcase”. For those who don’t know, Shift Up was founded by Kim Hyung-tae, who previously worked as art director for the popular MMORPG Blade & Soul. It is also the maker of the mobile RPG Destiny Child.

Blade And Soul
Shift Up is founded by former Blade & Soul art director

But back to the main topic. The two new games revealed are NIKKE: The Goddess of Victory and Project EVE. Read on to know more about them.

NIKKE: The Goddess of Victory (mobile)

NIKKE: The Goddess of Victory is a mobile third-person shooter made using Unity Engine. According to the developer, the game features a “2.5D Paper Folding” technology in its combat system, and will also bring a real-time co-op experience which up to 4 players can participate in.

The game is planned to launch globally next year, and to make it more appealing to a wider range of audience, the development team has added vertical gameplay. This means NIKKE will be easily playable even with only 1 hand.

NIKKE: The Goddess of Victory teaser

In term of setting, NIKKE takes place in a world that has been invaded by aliens. The human race now has to hide in underground settlements, and players will control female androids (of course, since this is a Korean-made game, all the main characters have to be cute girls) to fight for the hope of mankind. Fun fact: These Androids are called NIKKE, which comes from Nike, the Greek goddess of Victory.

Project EVE (PC/Console)

Project EVE teaser

You might have heard about Project EVE before, but surprisingly, it has been confirmed to be an AAA title for PC, PS4 and Xbox One instead of a mobile game. With this project, Shift Up aims to make a game that will “retain its value” over time. Not many details have been revealed at the moment, but the project is reportedly being led by Kim Hyung-tae himself alongside other senior executives. At least we know it is in good hands.