It seems Team GoDL is in deep trouble, one of their important teammates joined Orange Rock Esports. This led to the severe outbursts by Chetan Chandgude aka Kronten during his live stream. Recently, Anto an integral part of Team GoDL joined newly formed Orange Rock Esports and now this will lead to the formation of a new lineup for next PMCO.


It was confirmed by Animesh Agarwal aka 8bit_thug about Anto's exit from GoDL and this was confirmed when one of the Kronten's fans asked him about the new lineup. "There is one team member who will be quitting the team. Incase our lineup breaks up, I will quit esports and be a streamer. I am tired of making lineups after every new tournament. We make the lineup and the teammates just quit the team and I have to again make a new roster. There is no point in making the lineup if it is going to break after every tournament."


Kronten further said, "I do not understand why such a thing happens only in India. We have not seen players quitting their lineup abroad.  Team RRQ has the same lineup or even look at the other teams. They don't change their roster. That teammate (Anto) gave me the reason that I will take at least 3-4 months to enter esports.  The teammate who plans to quit TeamGoDL even went to an extent and asked me to be a substitute player. I have performed well in the past tournaments and I have done well."


Kronten also shared why he did not play the final stages of PMCO 2018, and said, "He also claimed that when I play he is not able to perform well. He was the only player who did not want me in the team. The rest of my teammates were happily practicing with me. It was this reason that I did not play the entire tournament."