Last Shelter Survival is a real-time Massive Multiplayer Strategy War Game. In this title, players would step into the shoes of the leader to lead a small settlement amidst a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by the Zombie apocalypse.

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In this guide, we would provide all the Last Shelter Survival Tips And Tricks needed for beginners to start in this game.

Last Shelter Survival Tips and Tricks

1 - Gameplay Basics

Arrange your building wisely. You can freely build up your city any way you want, as already constructed buildings can be moved by long pressing on them. Good building placement can increase the efficiency of your city so don't hesitate to change it.

Roads are important. Construction vehicles can only move on roads, therefore all buildings in the base must be connected by roads.

Supply of the army. This is a useful boost that you can buy from the shop that gives a lot of special bonuses - from a solar powerplant to diamond and resources. If you are looking for a way to get started as fast as possible, this is the best value bundle that you could buy. It needs to be renewed after 30 days.


Complete State Assignments. These tasks will appear daily in the state buildings - accept and complete them every day to level up your class. In the beginning, you can only do one per day, but later on, you would be able to increase the number of tasks by using class cards in the album. By completing those tasks you would receive experience and state points.

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Complete Daily Tasks. Every day you would get a number of daily tasks... and each of them would give a number of points. The more points you accumulated for completing tasks, the higher the rewards received. Additionally, you can also complete ranking positions with other commanders and acquire more rewards based on your placements.

2 - Heroes Basics

This is the most important part of the game, as all combat in Last Shelter Survival revolves around heroes. Having good heroes is essential for a commander - you can either send them on campaigns with troops or leave them in city buildings to improve the efficiency of city construction.

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To acquire heroes, you need to hire them in the Hall of Heroes. There are 4 grades of heroes: green, blue, purple and orange, with orange being the best. If you get heroes you already have, they would be converted automatically into medals.

Developing Heroes

Hero experience. Your heroes would gain experience when defeating monsters. All the heroes in your lineup would gain the same amount of experience upon defeating a monster. Usage of experience cards also gives experience to the heroes.

Hero medals. You need hero medals to unlock skills. Scrapping the heroes you already have and completing events would give you more medals.

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Hero skills. Skills are divided into 3 categories: development, leadership, and combat. Each affects a different gameplay category.

  • Development skills are triggered by placing heroes in the corresponding buildings. While most are passives, some skills must be activated for the special effects to work. They have a cooldown as well.
  • Leadership skills would be activated when the hero is leading a squad. It can increase attack, resistance, collection speed, and more. Similar to the previous category, some Leadership skills can be activated.
  • Combat skills are used automatically by heroes during combat. Each skill has a range - with 5 being the farthest that affects the enemy's whole formation.

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3 - Class Basics

Class album. Each class has its own special album that contains many bonus cards that you can activate. Each card has its own unique uses.

  • Green Buff Card: Gives various buffs, activates when positioned on a Buff.
  • Red Quest Card: Various quests require retail cards, grant boosts for quests.
  • Yellow Position Card: Automatically activated, increases the number of cards for different positions.
  • Orange Alliance Card: gives enhancements to members of the alliance, activates when located in an alliance and affects all members.
  • Purple Class Card: Gives an effect related to class experience or quests, activates when positioned on a class.

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Opening subclasses. The President can open up new subclasses in the ministerial section at the Cosmodrome. The fourth main class 'Builder' would appear and 2 subclasses would be added to it, along with each of the starting classes.

  • Farmers can become an agriculture expert or a defender
  • Raiders can become siege master or special force
  • Merchants can become financier or celebrity
  • Builders can become scientist or architect

You can change your class at the following base levels: 6, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22 and 25. Outside of these levels, you need to buy a pack to change class. After the change, the buildings of the former class would stop working, with class levels and points getting reset. If you switch back, you would get the previous levels and class points.

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