Last Shelter Survival is a real-time Massive Multiplayer Strategy War Game. In this title, players would step into the shoes of the leader to lead a small settlement amidst a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by the Zombie apocalypse. The general Last Shelter Survival gameplay is pretty straightforward: you have to build up your own wasteland empire, train your armies, recruit generals and heroes and join your allies in a never-ending war in the final days of humanity.

Last Shelter Survival Android Gameplay
Last Shelter Survival Android Gameplay: Attack an enemy base

In this game review, would list out all the exceptional qualities of Last Shelter Survival and the general strategies that new players should use.

1 -  Last Shelter Survival Gameplay: Overall notable features

  • Lead your country to glory: by participating in a worldwide war, real-time fights against players all across the world.
  • High-quality arts and graphics: The map, world, city, units, and heroes - everything looks super good and detailed.
  • Base building gameplay with real depth: You would gain absolute freedom in building cities, upgrade your infrastructures, research new technologies, train your armies and recruit exceptional people to lead them.
Last Shelter Survival Gameplay
Last Shelter Survival Gameplay: Survive the apocalypse
  • Intricate Hero System that suits every playstyle: You can either engage your enemies in close-quarter combat, snipe at them from a distance, or even build base defenses at home - the heroes can help with pretty much everything.
  • Strategic gameplay: The combat system consists of three classes of units that counter each other - Fighter, Shooters and Vehicles. You would have to calculate very carefully in order to win.
  • Alliance War: Form an alliance with other players to take on massive challenges or get a head start from scratch - the choice is yours.

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2 - Last Shelter Survival Gameplay Review

It is best to start in a relatively new server (referred to as states) in-game. If you do well, it is possible to get into the top servers in just a few months. While Last Shelter Survival is advertised as a zombie apocalypse game, it is not actually one. While the zombies certainly play a role, they are more or less a side attraction, with the main one being combat between you and other players. This plays out similar to some of the more popular zombie TV series like The Walking Dead, in which human's conflict between each other was the center point.

Your prime goal is to build up your city and get more infrastructure, research and troops to grow in overall power. In order to accomplish that, you would need to gather various types of resources: electricity, water, wood, food, steel, fuel...and in-game currency (that can be purchased with real-world money).

The game is designed around being free to play with microtransactions. The developers have done a decent job of getting people to pay, as, without spending, it is nigh impossible to be competitive enough. Various resources like steel and money become very hard to get at the upper levels of the game - some people have spent hundreds of dollars just to be on the top tier of players.

Last Shelter Survival Gameplay
Last Shelter Survival Gameplay: Recruit various characters to bolster your forces

It is possible to play this game totally free - but you won't be competitive and your civilization would grow at a slower rate. Sometimes, your resources might even be stolen by other players' attacks. While this sounds terrible - it is actually this part that makes the game fun. While your resources can be stolen away, you can attack other players to steal their resources as well. There is a lot of attack-related events in this game, due to the fact that it is a PVP title. The State vs State and Kill events occurred at the end of every week, in which players can earn in-game points and get rewards for attacking and killing troops of other players.

Overall, you can have a lot of fun in this game, if your server does not have many verbal trolls - with people helping each other to expand up. It is better to not engage in chat, as they are pretty toxic and there are a lot of trolls that are trying to get people banned.

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3 - Last Shelter Survival Gameplay Strategy for new players

How to join a good community:

Join a server and play this game until level 5 to see the atmosphere of the State chat - if it is generally friendly, stays. If it is toxic, you can move your account to another server (possible up to level 5). In general, you don't need to pay for anything in this game until at least level 12 or 16. See how your server's community evolves and if you are having enough fun. You can always payout right away to rule the game, of course.

Last Shelter Survival Android Gameplay
Last Shelter Survival Android Gameplay: Various missions to participate

You can get a refund if you have paid in the past 2 weeks, through either the devs or Google and Apple if the game is not fun enough. Many people do, and your account won't be locked.

Gameplay tips:

  • It is best to start as a farmer to maximize your resources gathering rate - you don't need to change to raider or trader until at least level 12.
  • Upgrade your resources buildings like water filters, farms or oil wells to their maximum level before advancing to the next city level. Always research new tech, but City Development should be your first priority.
Last Shelter Survival Android Gameplay
Last Shelter Survival Gameplay: Survive zombie the apocalypse
  • Make use of the daily free package in benefits, including free hero recruitment and zombie smashing to get more resources.
  • Try to use purple or gold heroes in your APC and get their 2nd skill up and running. While gold heroes are strong, their skills are really expensive and a cheaper purple hero could still do the job.
  • Vehicles are very useful with speed maxed - especially in combination with your APC speed upgraded. APCs with all cars can move 5-6 times faster than the usual - great for lighting speed raids.
  • Get in an Alliance as fast as possible - they give great rewards and protection. Don't be afraid to change alliance when the opportunity arises.
  • Scout a player before attacking - it is best to go with vehicle first, fighter second and shooter last. After an attack, repair your city's walls using the Garrison Defense building. If your walls are breach, your city would teleport away randomly on the map.

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