Finally, after numerous hiccups, League of Legends: Wild Rift has launched its beta version. The mobile MOBA game was scheduled for a worldwide release during the first half of 2020. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic strikes hard, delaying the date back until now. On top of that, the devs only manage to send some servers in specific regions online for the time being.

However, it does not stop the Wild Rift open beta from going all out! Mobile gamers are completely in love with it, praising the game with beautiful words. Wild Rift had created a lot of hype around its release, with many cinematic trailers representing the mobile MOBA in a very fun way.

Lol Wild Rift Item Shop Experience
Wild Rift just may be the next big mobile game

League of Legends: Wild Rift’s Region-Specific Open Beta Is Massive!

From the look, the feel, and the gameplay, everything's up to par in Wild Rift. Riot Games has done a great job of incorporating their experience in making MOBA game to this brand new creation. Even players from the opponent Arena of Valor are impressed with the game's performance.

Wr Regionalalpha 1920
The game includes many familiar Champions from the PC version

Wild Rift has received a lot of praises for a Mobile MOBA which was just out for a few hours. There are three things that the game really excels at:

  • The graphics are absolutely fantastic on decent devices. Some say that it's better than the cartoonist style of Mobile Legends and perhaps even better than the PC version of the game.
  • Wild Rift features a longer playtime than other mobile MOBA to minimize the overturn and avoid the "snowball effect". In Arena of Valor, the first three minutes of the game is so crucial. If you mess up and fall behind, the chance of a reverse win is very slim. This also comes from the fact that you have to go back to base to purchase items.
  • Every role is important in League of Legends: Wild Rift. All can carry in a game by making plays and each has a place to shine on Summoner's Rift.
League Of Legends Wild Rift 2
It's also super easy to control

Those are the things that stand out the most from the few hours of Wild Rift's open beta. We must wait for some time more to see how it will perform in the long run.