After quite some time waiting, Free Fire survivors finally have a look at the Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle. It has to be one of the most highly-anticipated items in the OB26 Update. In fact, the game features it various times in loading screens, banners, and promotion images. But now, we really have a chance to look closely at the bundle as well as learn more about its release date.

Prominent content creators and influencers of the Free Fire community have already received the bundle in full. Here's what we know about the Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle so far.

Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle in Free Fire

Release Date

Garena confirmed on its official media handles that the Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle will come to the game on 27th February. We're 8 days away from the release date.

Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle Comes In 4 Colors


The Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle comes with the following outfits:

  • Male - Cobra Rage Bundle.
  • Female - Cobra Sidekick Bundle.
  • Predator Pulse
  • Ground Punch
Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle Platinum
Unlock Various Items In Just 1 Bundle

And if they're not enough for you to be excited about, check out the other 12 items in the Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle:

  1. Motor Bike- Cobra
  2. Backpack 1- Legendary Cobra
  3. Backpack 2- Cobra Guardian
  4. Surfboard- Cobra
  5. Parachute- Cobra Attack
  6. Loot Crate 1- Legendary Cobra
  7. Loot Crate 2- Cobra Statue Loot Crate
  8. Pin- Legendary Cobra
  9. Pan- King Cobra
  10. Gloo Wall- Cobra Strike
  11. Katana- Legendary Cobra
  12. Grenade- Cobra Strike

What Makes the Legendary Cobra Rage Unique?

The key feature of the Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle is that it's customize-friendly. Players can choose four color combinations according to their preference for the outfit. The Bundle also summons a Cobra buddy on the character's shoulders. Any Free Fire survivors visiting the owner's profile will be greeted with an emote displaying the character arriving on the Cobra Motor Bike.

Players Also Summon A Cobra On The Shoulder

Price Tag

There is one thing we know for sure, and it is that Garena won't give the Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle for free. From the content and look of it, we can expect the price tag to be quite substantial. However, no details regarding the pricing have been revealed.