LEGO has partnered with NimbleBit, creator of Tiny Tower, to create a brand new mobile experience.

Have you ever dreamed of creating a tower of your own from LEGO bricks? If the answer is “Yes”, then your dream is coming true this July with “LEGO Tower”.

“Having the opportunity to build upon one of our signature games inside the world LEGO is a dream come true for us,” says David Marsh, co-founder of NimbleBit. “The building blocks of LEGO are a complete creative match for our style of games. It’s sparhiked a lot of the feelings of creativity and joy we’ve experienced ourselves while playing with LEGO since we were young.”

Lego Tower
LEGO Tower is a tower-building game with a LEGO theme

LEGO Tower is a new idle stimulation mobile game which will help players keep their inner child alive and become expert builders. In this game, you will have the ability to build and operate your own LEGO tower. This is the place for you to construct a range of apartments and businesses for your minifigure residents. Check out the announcement trailer below:

There are a wide range of facilities for you to choose, including a pizza joint, a nutty bowling alley to play and relax, and a ninja dojo to train in spinjitzu.

Each Minifigure has different unique needs and jobs. Therefore, what you need to do do is making sure that everyone is accommodated for. Happy Minifigures are what make a booming and happy tower. You will, moreover, be able to upgrade your facilities and hence, invite more minifigure residents to come and stay in your tower.

Lego Tower 2
Expand your tower to attract more residents

Otherwise, according to LEGO’s recent press release, players can also visit their friends’ tower and trade items to help them build.

LEGO Tower mobile game will be officially launched on 1 July 2019. This game will be available on both the App Store and Google Play as a free game download.