Many people consider NimbleBit’s Tiny Tower as one of the highest rating games released on both Android and iOS platforms, and the expansions that it received over the last few years are the biggest evidence to prove how popular the game is.

LEGO Tower allows you to construct all types of building

If you are a fan of constructing buildings and towers and have already finished every single Tower game of the series, then we have good news especially for you: The developer is making every effort to create a brand-new game with the same inspiration and conception as Tiny Tower.

For both Android and iOS, the developer has officially announced about the arrival of LEGO Tower. All the enthusiasm that you used to have when playing Tiny Tower is promised to be brought back by through this collaboration with LEGO.

According to what has been revealed, mechanics and gameplay of LEGO Tower would not be too distinctive from the old Tiny Tower in order not to make the new game too challenging. One thing is for sure, though: players will be allowed to build their very own and unique LEGO tower, as well as operate them.

A new playground will be officially opened for construction-loving gamers

Meanwhile, in LEGO Tower, not only are there towers that players have to build, but also all the accommodations for the residents - or Minifigures, as they are called. Furthermore, besides houses and apartments, businesses along with other facilities are also there in the list, and they will come in a plentiful variety of sizes and shapes. Additionally, to keep its content always attractive, the game has diversified the appearances of Minifigures and hidden characters to the greatest extent.

Lego Tower 02 690x387
Various things to build

Moreover, communities and interactions between players are among LEGO Tower’s priorities. You and your friends will also be allowed to visit each other’s properties. Items are also available for trading so that everyone will be able to get what they need as soon as possible.

Finally, despite the fact that LEGO Tower is scheduled to be out this summer, its release date has not been confirmed yet.