We have recently witnessed many collaboration events between developers, their franchises, and leading celebrities from other industries. Fortnite and Free Fire have had their promotions with many influencers across the world and now Call of Duty is also keeping the hype with their titles this way.

Celebrating the last season of Attack on Titan, COD players will be able to play as Levi Ackerman in Warzone and Vanguard.

This is definitely great news to those who are simultaneously fond of COD and AOT. Here's when and how to get Levi Call of Duty bundle.

Warzone Aot
Call of Duty and Attack on Titan are having a special collab in celebration of the anime's last season.

Call of Duty Attack on Titan bundle

This Levi COD collaboration bundle is part of the first Call of Duty Warzone Pacific update in 2022. It includes a handful of items from the universe of Attack on Titan.

The Levi skin is a must-have for Attack on Titan fans and it’s also the main catch of the bundle. The Survey Corps operator skin dons Sergeant Daniel Yatsu in the official Scout Regiment uniform like Eren Yeager and the team.

To sample the dashing look of the famous and dashing captain Levi Ackerman, the skin also has his signature parted hairstyle and white ascot.

Although the COD Levi skin may not look as good as the original anime, players can still experience a great time with their 2D favorite.

Warzone Levi Cod
How Levi Call of Duty looks made many fans surprised.

Here are all the available items in the bundle:

  • “Survey Corps” Legendary Daniel Yatsu Operator Skin
  • “Historia” Legendary Welgun Weapon Blueprint
  • “Ymir Curse” Legendary Volk Weapon Blueprint
  • “Titan Piercer” Legendary Weapon Blueprint
  •  “Ultrahard Steel” Legendary MVP Highlight
  • “Steel Cut” Legendary Finishing Move
  • “Vertical Maneuver” Legendary Highlight Intro
  • “One Hot Potato” Rare Sticker
  • “Secret Keeper” Epic Charm
  •  “Wings of Freedom” Rare Emblem

How to get Levi COD skin in Warzone

The Call of Duty Attack on Titan will be released on January 20, 2022. You can get the bundle for 2,400 COD Points from the in-game store.

Season 1 update started in the game a while ago while the mid season arrived on January 13.

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