Taking a looking at LifeAfter, the new survival game for mobile from NetEase, you can instantly see that it bears a resemblance to Fallout 76, so what does it have in store?

Well, the first thing about this mobile MMO is that it has strikingly impressive graphics. Its concept, though, is not exactly what you’d call an innovation: Similar to many other games, the setting is an apocalyptic world infected by a type of deadly virus that transforms humans into violent monsters. Groups of survivors hole up together in camps and struggle to ensure their survival, as well as that of the entire humanity.

Lifeafter Screenshot 1

This means you apparently have to team up with other players to combat the monsters, find resources to build up your base, and stock up on weapons as well as other items to keep yourself well-fed and well-protected.

LifeAfter seems like a hybrid between Fallout 76 and Day Z: PvP is allowed, but it’s not what the game entirely revolves around. Thus, it is likely going to satisfy fans of both games – or both genres for that matter.

Lifeafter Screenshot 2

Based on the game’s description, which stated that you can “find a place to camp and build” alongside “trusted friends you made along the way”, it appears that LifeAfter is going to allow for some kind of co-op base building. This is not confirmed yet, but if that’s indeed the case, it’d be incredibly awesome.

Besides interacting with other players, you can do the same with several NPCs as well. Even better, you can get a pet to accompany you in your adventure through this open-world RPG. Basically, LifeAfter has everything you’d expect from a game of its genre, and from what we’ve seen so far, it looks pretty promising.

Lifeafter Screenshot 3

LifeAfter launches today on both Android and iOS, so you can head to Google Play Store or the App Store to get it right now!