Garena Free Fire has officially announced the biggest collaboration in history with football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese striker will make his way into the BR game as a new character, Chrono. The devs also design a whole new universe surrounding his character, introducing a series of ongoing and upcoming events.

Free Fire Chrono Event
Operation Chrono is now live in Free Fire

As a part of Operation Chrono, vending machines are added to Free Fire. They can be found across the map in the classic mode from 13th to 25th December.

Operation Chrono Vending Machines in Free Fire

These special vending machines offer Free Fire the opportunity to win a free parachute skin and various other in-game items. All you have to do is to collect vending machine tokens to use them. However, once you find a token in a match, use it immediately. That is because you can not carry these tokens over to the next game.

Event Schedule
The Vending Machines are only available until December 25th

Here is a list of all the rewards that players can win from the Operation Chrono vending machines in Free Fire.

Event Items

  • Enter Chrono Parachute Skin
Enter Chrono parachute skin
Win an Enter Chrono Parachute Skin
  • Pink Chrono Box (5 Tokens)

In-Game Items

Here are all the in-game items that the players can get from the Vending Machine:

  • M82B (8 Tokens)
  • M1887 (5 Tokens)
  • AK (4 Tokens)
  • SCAR (2 Tokens)
  • Thompson (2 Tokens)
  • MP5-X (5 Tokens)
  • M1014 (2 Tokens)
  • SKS (2 Tokens)
  • Med Kit (1 Token)
  • 4x Scope (2 Tokens)
  • Helmet Level 3 (3 Tokens)
  • Vest Level 3 (4 Tokens)
  • Bag Level 3 (4 Tokens)
  • Grenade (1 Token)
  • Gloo Wall (5 Tokens)
Vending Machine in game items
All the in-game items from the Vending Machine

How to Use Vending Machines in Free Fire

Players can follow the steps below to use Operation Chrono vending machines in Free Fire:

Vending Machine
Locate the Operation Chrono Vending Machines on the map
  • #1: Locate a vending machine on the map. Then, move close to the machine and click ‘Buy’ on the screen.
  • #2: Select one item from the buy menu.
  • #3: Confirm by hitting the 'Buy' button to get the item (Make sure you have enough tokens).​