Character Chrono is no doubt the hottest topic in Free Fire over the past week. Being introduced to the game as the playable version of the world's most famous footballer Christiano Ronaldo, Chrono has a lot of overwhelming abilities to help you defeat the enemies effortlessly. As many players still wonder how to get Chrono character in Free Fire, today, we will introduce all methods to be the first one to try out this new character.

How To Get Chrono Character In Free Fire
There are several ways of fetting Chrono from Free Fire. Keep reading to know all the possible methods

1. Via Operation Chrono Event

Free Fire Operation Chrono event series is no doubt the best chance for every player to get not only Chrono character but also many other limited rewards like bundles and gun skins for free. To take part in the event and get yourself the latest character in Free Fire without spending a single diamond, please follow the steps below:

Update the OB25 patch from Google Play Store

The latest version has been made downloadable on the official app store. You will need to update directly by tapping the “Update” button and relaunch the app to see the game event. In case you have any problem with downloading the updated version directly, try out the Free Fire OB25 APK download for manually updating.

Take part in the Operation Chrono event

After updating the latest version of the game, you will see the Operation Chrono event tab with many on-going events like Chrono Mission, Chrono Bounty, Chrono Archive, and new modes Cosmic Racer or Chosen One. By completing these events, players can receive a vast range of weapon skins, vehicle skins, bundles, and many other limited rewards.

However, to get Chrono character in Free Fire, you will need to wait until December 19th for the Obtain Chrono event to be unlocked. At the moment, the detailed instruction about the event is still unsure as no user can open the Obtain Chrono event. If you want to get this character for free, go back to check it on December 19th and visit our website for detailed instructions.

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How To Get Chrono Character In Free Fire

2. Get Chrono Character With Redeem Code

Another method to get Chrono characters in Free Fire for free is by getting a Chrono redeem code. These types of codes can be found on the social media fan page of Garena Free Fire, during official livestream sections of the game, or any trusted sponsors. However, please note that the code is time-limited and if you happen to get one, go redeem it immediately by entering the code in the Garena Official Redemption Site.

Free Fire Chrono1

3. Get Chrono Character as a top-up reward

Although there isn’t any top-up event like that available at the moment, there are chances that players can obtain the character from a top-up event in the future just like DJ Alok or so many other in-game characters. If this event is launched, you will need to top-up with a required amount of diamond so that you can claim the character for free.

4. Purchase Chrono Character from the in-game store

In case you miss the chance to get Chrono in Free Fire for free, don't worry as you can purchase him later from the in-game store. Just like other characters, Christiano Ronaldo's character is supposed to be made available at the price of 499 diamonds.

Update December 21th 2020

At the moment, Free Fire latest character Chrono has been made obtainable in the top-up event of the game. According to that, every player can claim the character for FREE just by topping up at least 100 diamonds. Aparting from getting the most powerful character in Free Fire, players can also claim other gifts like the Victor emote or Chrono Bounty Hunter Bundle.

The event starts from December 19th to December 25th so the chance is limited. Find out more details about the event right here: Free Fire: How To Get Character Chrono With ONLY 100 Diamond!

About Free Fire character Chrono

Being introduced to be one of the best characters in Free Fire so far, Chrono has been the talk of the town for quite a while as everyone wants to try out this OP character. In fact, the playable version of Christian Ronaldo used to be given for free in Free Fire Advance Server OB25 several days ago.

The character has a special skill called Time Tuner with which he can create a power field to reduce damage by 500 and increase the movement of the whole team at the same time. There is no doubt that Chrono is one of the most powerful characters every player wishes to have.

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