Along with the OB25 update, Free Fire Operation Chrono is undoubtedly the biggest in-game event of Garena Free Fire this month. As the event series has been in full swing starting from yesterday December 13th, a lot of events were launched while there are so many others are on the pile. One of the major events which are fresh out of the game today is the Free Fire Chrono Wheel from which players stand a chance to win the Chrono Motorbike and Katana. Check out how to complete the event and claim exclusive rewards in the detailed instruction below.

Free Fire Chrono Wheel
Free Fire Chrono Wheel has been made available in-game with a lot of valuable gifts for you to obtain

Free Fire Chrono Wheel details

Just like many other gacha events in Free Fire, there is a wheel with different prizes listed including the grand reward: Motor Bike – Cyber Bounty Hunter as well as Katana - Cyber Bounty Hunter. In addition to that are diamond royale vouchers, Magic cube fragments, and weapon boxes.

You will get the first spin for free and the following ones will cost 40 diamonds each.

While many other Free Fire events remove the obtained prizes from the wheel which give you a higher chance to win others, this Chrono Wheel event does not work the same way. You will need to buy the ‘Bad Luck Protection” which guarantees to give you the grand rewards in the first 10 spins. Once you obtain either the Motor Bike or the Katana, the Bad Luck Protection will expire no matter if you have completed 10 spins or not. It means that you will need to spare up to 800 diamonds to get both items from the event.

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However, please note that Free Fire is now also offering a 100% bonus top-up event as players can receive a 500 diamonds bonus for topping up the same amount from the Google Play Store. It means that you can get 1000 diamonds in total just by spending around 400 rs so sparing 800 diamonds for the two exclusive items turns out to be more affordable than usual.

In case you put all the trust in your luck, you can give it a try by not purchasing the Bad Luck Protection. Check out how many turns it took for this player to win the grand rewards:

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