Being the leading battle royale game not only in Asia but many other regions in the world, Garena Free Fire has been taking its product to the next level by rolling out more and more online and offline events to create a strong and royal community. Among many in-game features, Free Fire events are the most attractive part as every player can stand a chance to win exclusive and valuable rewards in different ways. Today, let’s figure out all popular types of Free Fire events, how to attend these events, and claim valuable rewards. 

Free Fire Diamond Spin Event 2

1. Free Fire daily task event

Being the most common types of event in Free Fire, daily task events are rolled out frequently in-game and offer players chances to redeem rewards by collecting tokens. There will be different missions being set in the game and you will receive a token after completing them. Please note that tokens must be redeemed before the event expires, otherwise, they will be taken away at the end of the event. 

2. Free Fire gacha events / Spinning event

Just like the gacha game in real life, Free Fire offers a virtual capsule-toy vending machine so players can try their luck and get limited rewards at a cheap price. You will get random items from the prize pool including normal rewards and grand rewards.

Another form of the event is the faded wheel / Penta flip events which based on the same methods of purchasing spins and try your luck to get random gifts.

Gun Skin Discount

3. Free Fire discount event

In Free Fire discount events, you can find many valuable items or package being sold with huge discounts, sometimes the deal is up to 99% off. However, these deals only last for a few days so you need to get updated about the event frequently in order not to miss any lucrative deal.

4. Free Fire login reward

One of the most favorite Free Fire events of all players in the Free Fire log in rewards which are so easy to complete. On a special day, Garena can give out limited rewards to all players who log in the game.

Free Fire 100 Diamond Top Up

5. Free Fire top-up promo event

Apart from the above types of events, Free Fire also have top-up events in which players need to complete the mission by topping up the required number of diamonds. By doing so, they can claim a lot of rewards or get a diamond bonus. The more diamonds they top up, the more rewards and bonuses they can receive.

At the moment, Free Fire is making the top-up event back in-game and the player can receive a 100% diamonds bonus when topping up at least 100 diamonds. Check out more details about the event in the following article: How To Get Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up India In December 2020

6. Free Fire Web event

A less common Free Fire event is also available on the official website of the game. The rule of the game varies among different events and there will be detailed instructions if any event is launched on the web.

Apart from the mentioned Free Fire events, there are also some other types of in-game events which used to be released in Free Fire. In addition to that, do not forget to visit our website to get the latest updates about Free Fire events, tips, and tricks.

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