Free Fire diamond is one of the much-converted items in-game that every player always wants to get more and pay less. If you're living in India and looking for how to get Free Fire double diamond top up India, here are two methods to make it possible. Check them out right now!

Garena Official Top-Up Website For Indian Players

Being made by a Singapore software company, Free Fire is so popular in South East Asia countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, and many others. In addition to that, the game is spreading across the world as it is more and more popular in LATAM countries and in India. Because of the reputation of Free Fire in India, Garena developed a website for Indian players so they can top up diamonds for the game and receive a huge bonus for the first top-up.

Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up India Game Kharido
Game Karido is the best website to get Free Fire double diamond top up in India

According to Garena, any Free Fire players who top-up diamonds on the platform for the first time will receive a 100% bonus. The amount of bonus is up to 5600 diamonds and the promotion is only for the first top-up. Here is how to get Free Fire double diamond top up India with Games Kharido:

  • Visit the website Garena Games Kharido
  • Log in with your Facebook or Google account which your game account is bound to or you can put in your game ID to sign-in
  • Choose the number of diamonds you want to top up. As the double diamond top-up promotion can be applied one time only, you should choose the biggest amount of diamonds you can purchase to get the maximum bonus.
  • Choose the suitable payment method, recheck the transaction, and confirm the payment.
  • After the payment is made, the money you top up and also the bonus one will be automatically added to your game account a few minutes later.
Free Fire Games Kharido Top Up 2
The website is very popular among the Free Fire gaming community as it's super easy to top up diamond via the platform

This promotion is only for Indian players and it is time-limited so if you have never used Games Kharido to top up diamonds, go ahead and get the chance as soon as possible. In addition to that, this offer is only available for the first time top-up so you should make the most out of it and top up the biggest number of diamonds you can afford.

Get Double Diamond Top-up Via In-game Event

Apart from using a top-up platform, players also stand a chance to receive double diamonds for topping up via in-game events. However, these events only last for a few days and the maximum number of diamonds you can get is also limited. By December 2020, Garena Free Fire has brought back the Double Diamond Top-up event to the game and players can get up to 100% bonus when purchasing diamonds on the in-game store.

Here are the details of the event as well as how to complete it and get a diamond bonus:

Free Fire double Diamond Top Up

According to the event which lasts from December 5th to 11th 2020, all players can 100 diamonds when topping up the same amount from Google Play Store. There are 4 levels of mission that you will receive the corresponding rewards for each completed one.

  • Top-up 100 diamonds and get 100 diamonds bonus
  • Top-up 300 diamonds and get 200 diamonds bonus
  • Top-up 500 diamonds and get 200 diamonds bonus
  • Top-up 1000 diamonds and get 500 diamonds bonus

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It can be seen that when you top up with 1000 diamonds, you will receive 1000 back in total. This is a great chance to get Free Fire double diamond top-up India in December 2020 that you cannot get the same deal on any other platforms. In fact, Free Fire usually rolls out double diamond top up events so if you need more diamonds to take part in event or purchase items, make use of these events to get the most out of it.

To complete the challenges, all you need to do is to top up with the required amount of diamonds. After that, please check the event section and open the 100% Bonus Diamond Top-up event to claim the rewards. Please note that the event is going to expire in a few more days so it’s high time to open the game and get the deal right now!

Above are two ways to get Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up India in December 2020 that all Indian players cannot miss. In addition to that, do not forget to visit our website for the latest updates about Free Fire as well as other popular games in India.

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