Just like many other games, Free Fire has its own in-game currency called Diamond with which players can purchase a vast range of virtual items and advanced features to make the game more interesting and easier. However, as Diamonds can only be topped-up with real cash, having a large of amount of diamond can cost some players a fortune as most of them are young students.

However, thanks to big promotions and top-up event, players can stand a chance to get more diamonds with less money. Starting from December 5th to 11th, Free Fire latest diamond top-up event offer players a one-in-a-lifetime deal of having 100% bonus when topping up. Keep reading to find out the details of the event and the maximum amount of bonus you can have.

Free Fire 100 Diamond Top Up
Free Fire 100% Diamond Top Up is one of the most-waited events that many players want to get back

Being launched on December 5th, Free Fire 100% Bonus Top-up event will last until December 11th. According to the event, players can receive up to 100% bonus (maximum 500 diamonds) when topping up diamonds from the Google Play Store. Here are the details of the promotion:

  • Top-up 100 diamonds and get 100 diamonds bonus
  • Top-up 200 diamonds and get 200 diamonds bonus
  • Top-up 500 diamonds and get 200 diamonds bonus
  • Top-up 1000 diamonds and get 500 diamonds bonus

It can be seen that players will received 1000 diamonds bonus in total for topping up the same amount during the time of the event.

Get more information about Free Fire 100% bonus top-up event in the following video:

How to get 100% bonus diamond top-up in Free Fire

To get the bonus, players just need to tap on the diamond icon on the top bar and follow the steps to complete the transaction as usual. As the transaction is confirmed to be successful, come back to the event banner and tap 'Claim' to get the bonus diamonds.

Obviously, this is a good chance to get diamonds at a cheap price. In addition to that, do not forget that players also have a one-time-bonus when purchasing diamonds from Game Kharido and the amount of diamonds you get for free is up to 5600 diamonds.

In addition to that, do not forget to visit our website Gurugamer.com for latest updates about Free Fire and other popular games around the world. Check out more details about this top-up method right here: Garena Free Fire: How To Top Up Diamonds From Games Kharido In December 2020