Free Fire characters are one of the factors which make the game more interesting and different from other rivals of the same genre. 3 years after launching the game, Free Fire has a huge collection of more than 30 characters and counting. One of the upcoming and much-awaited characters who are about to come to the official server this December is Chrono, who is the in-game version of Juventus football superstar Christiano Ronaldo. Having a special ability called Time Tunel, Free Fire character Chrono is said to be a big rival of DJ Alok - the top powerful character of Free Fire at the moment. So it true that Chrono's ability is more effective than DJ Alok? Today, we will put these two characters into comparison, keep reading for the details!

Chrono Alok
Is Free Fire new character Chrono more powerful than DJ Alok?

Free Fire character Chrono ability

Being introduced in the Advance Server OB25 at the end of November under the name Mystery Character, the in-game character of Ronaldo has taken the Free Fire gaming community by storm for his stargazing ability. In fact, Chrono can create a power field that not only reduces the damage but also increases the movement speed of himself and any partners inside the field. At level 4, character Chrono can reduce 500 damage and move 30% faster in 10 seconds. Meanwhile, the cooldown time is 49 seconds. 

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Free Fire Chrono Event

Free Fire character DJ Alok ability

Just like Chrono, DJ Alok also has a powerful ability which helps players defend more effectively. With his Drop The Beat skill, the best-seller character can gain health points after each kill and create a 5m aura to speed up the whole squad movement. However, at the same level 4, DJ Alok can only move 13% faster in 10 seconds while the cooldown time is 45 seconds. 

Alok Free Fire

Chrono VS DJ Alok

It can be seen that both Chrono and DJ Alok are powerful characters who have two abilities instead of one like most other Free Fire players. However, when putting them in comparison, it’s easy to realize that the much-awaited Chrono is way more OP than DJ Alok. The character will be made available on the server soon and players can stand a chance to get him for free by taking part in the Operation Chrono event which is going to start on December 13th. Stay tuned with for the latest update on how to take part in the event and get exclusive rewards including Chrono character. 

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