Alok has been the best character in Free Fire for a long since its release. But with the few latest addition of characters in Free Fire in recent updates, that is no longer the case anymore. There are 2 new characters that are able to rival Alok, which are K and Chronos. Both K and Chrono have powerful skills that fit most combat situations and give you a great advantage.

Since they are all great characters, it might be hard to know which one you should choose to use, especially if you are considering spending Diamonds to buy 1 of them. So in this article, I will compare all these 3 characters so you can find out which one suits you the most.

Alok Vs K Vs Chrono Skills


Alok's skill, Drop The Beat, creates a 5m circle around Alok that heals and increases movement speed for him and his allies for 10 seconds.



K's skill, Master of All, increases his max EP by 50 and lets him switch between 2 modes, JIU and JITSU. One mode increases his EP every 2 seconds and one mode lets him consumes his EP faster to heal quickly.

Free Fire K


Chrono's skill, Time Turner, creates a big static force field that blocks 500 damage from other players. Chrono can freely shoot players outside while in the field. The skill also increases the movement speed of Chrono by 50%.

Free Fire Chrono1

Alok Vs K Vs Chrono Comparison

Now we will put these characters in certain common situations in Free Fire to see what their skills can do.


One of the most important factors when rushing is speed. Healing is also great but not as much. That why Alok will be the best character for rushing as he has both speed and healing.

Chrono is also a solid option as he has great speed. While his shield can't move, it still provides you great protection if things go south.

As for K, while he pretty much has unlimited healing, he not gonna be a very good rusher compared to the other two.


Camping is all about patience and resources. This is where K shines the most as he has unlimited healing power can easily heal to full with free EP.

Garena Free Fire Latest Character Dj Kshmr Header

Chrono can also be a great option for camping because he has the speed to get to a great camping spot fast. With his shield, that spot will become an unbeatable fortress even if other players spot you.

Alok is not a very good character for camping as his skill can't heal you to full and the speed buff only lasts for 10 seconds.

Saving teammate

Chrono is obviously the best here because his shield can prevent damage for your teammate as well. His speed also allows him to back teammate up faster.

Skill Karakter Baru Free Fire 664a

Alok can somewhat provide aid to teammates as he can heal them and give them movement speed oi they are nearby.

As for K, his skill cannot provide any support to his teammate at all with his skill.

Escaping/ Rotating

Alok is great when you need to run away from the enemy or run into the zone because you have both speed and healing.

Chrono can provide you ultimate protection if the enemy caught you off guard.  The passive movement speed he has also make rotating much easier and faster.


K heals you a great amount, which is great if you are far away from the zone. His skill also allows healing without having to stop to use Medkit and save time. But it is hard to run away from a bad fight like K.

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