Emote is an interesting feature in Free Fire with which players can celebrate their victory in the coolest and most unique poses. If you want to expand your Emote collections with legendary items, Free Fire emote party is the New Emote Event In Free Fire you cannot miss. Check out the details of the event as well as how to complete it and claim exclusive emotes at low prices.

Free Fire Emote Party Event New Emote Event In Free Fire
The new emote event in Free Fire has returned! Take the chance to win legendary emote and celebrate the victory in the coolest ways!

New Emote Event in Free Fire details

Being made available in the game from December 10th to December 16th, Free Fire Emote Party offers players a great chance to win legendary emotes including Booyah!, Tea Time, Doggie, Power of Money, Pirate’s Flag and many other emotes with lucky draws.

As can be seen from the event, there are 3 types of prizes included in the prize pool: grand rewards with mentioned legendary emotes, normal emotes, and other prizes (vouchers, weapon boxes…)

In addition to that, you also have two options of lucky draws which are Normal Draw and Super Draw. If you choose the normal draw, you’re likely to receive any items in the prize pool (including other rewards) while a Super Draw will offer a 100% chance of winning a Legendary or Normal emotes. So that if you want to avoid other rewards like vouchers, pet food, or weapons box, avoid the normal draw and grab the chance to get 5 emotes with just 99 diamonds.

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Free Fire Emote Party Event New Emote Event In Free Fire
Booyah! emote is one of a few emotes which are set as the grand rewards in the current event

What is the chance of winning a Booyah! emote?

You will have to pay 19 diamonds for a single Normal Draw and a package of 5 Super Draw comes at 199 diamonds. However, there is good news that the first Normal Spin is now being given for free and you also get a 50% discount for the 5 first super draws. In addition to that, you’re guaranteed to win the Booyah Emote in the 5 first Super Draw. it means that it only takes 99 diamonds for the Booyah Emotes and 4 other random emotes.

If Booyah! Emote is the one you have always wanted, this is the one-in-a-lifetime to obtain the much-converted item. The event will be available for a few more days so let’s open the app and claim your prizes as soon as possible.

Apart from the Free Fire Emote Party, Free Fire is all set to roll out a big event series with which you stand a chance to win free emotes and many other stargazing rewards. Check out the details of the Free Fire Operation Chrono event and count down to the G-day: Free Fire Operation Chrono Event Calendar Revealed: Missions, Game Modes, And Rewards

About Free Fire emote

Emote is one of the interesting features in Free Fire which allows your character to perform different actions and gestures. Each of them has a name and a meaning behind that you can also see a lot of stunning effects when it comes to legendary emotes. Free Fire emotes can be obtained easily by purchasing them on the in-game store or via an in-game event. However, as the new emote event in Free Fire is time-limited and you need a bit of luck to win the exclusive one, getting a legendary emote is always a big pride of every player.

Free Fire Propose Emote
There are a lot of interesting and cool emotes you can find in the online store. You can try out the emote before confirming your purchase

Apart from winning emote for free from the event, another way to get free emote is by getting a emote redeem code which players can go to the redemption site and claim the reward of free emote. however, redeem code for free emote is rare, and do not expect to get legendary emotes with this method.

In addition to that, there are also many players who try to get free emote with Free Fire emote unlocker. However, please note that this is a third-party app that is banned by Free Fire. Stay away from any app like that if you do not want to get into trouble. In general, a new emote event in Free Fire is the most lucrative deal when you want to have exclusive emotes at a cheap price.

Above is all you need to know about Free Fire Emote Party which is the new emote event in Free Fire. Visit our website Gurugamer.com for more interesting news about games and entertainment!

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