Being one of the most popular battle royale mobile games in the world at the moment, Free Fire is having more than 10 crores players living around the world. Just like other games of the same genre, Free Fire has so many special events and lucrative offers for players who have been engaged to the same for a long time. However, many players are wondering if there are any special offers on their birthday like free diamonds or gifts.

If you're having the same question, keep reading to see the official response from Garena upon the request.

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Free diamonds for your birthday is unavailable in Free Fire

While there is a common request of receiving free diamonds and gifts from many players, Garena officials issued a notice that no player can receive free diamonds and items offer just because it is their birthday. According to the game owner, giving out free items as birthday gifts is unfair to other players. In fact, not many games have such a special offer like that so if you see anyone claim to know some tricks to have a birthday gift from Garena Free Fire, be cautious as it must be none other than a scam.

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An official response published by Garena on its website

Other ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire

Although you cannot get free diamonds as birthday gifts, there are many ways to get them without spending money on a top-up. Here are the most common methods:

  • Taking part in in-game events: There are a lot of events from which you can get free diamonds and exclusive gifts. Check out the on-going Operation Chrono event series for more details!
  • Using a redeem code: Do not forget to get the latest redeem code in Free Fire for free diamonds and gifts. These codes can be found on the game fan page, live streams, and many other sources.
  • Reporting bugs: Trying out the Advance Server and reporting any bugs to receive 100 diamonds for each. Meanwhile, the one who figures out the biggest number of bugs can get up to 3000 diamonds.
  • Doing surveys and lucky spin apps: Get a Google Play Voucher by doing curvy on apps like Google Opinion Rewards or Swagbug is also a popular way many players have been using to get free diamonds.

Above is the clarification on the birthday gift rumour in Free Fire. Visit our website for more updated news about Free Fire and other popular games.

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