As a result of the ongoing tension between India and China, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India has banned 118 Chinese apps, including the hugely popular PUBG Mobile, along with 33 other gaming apps.

However, India isn’t the only nation having a problem with the battle royale game, here is a list of all the countries that have banned PUBG Mobile:


PUBG banned in Iraq
PUBG is banned in Iraq

Last year, the government of Iraq announced a ban on several games, including Fortnite and PUBG, citing reasons of psychological and social effects on the public. They said these games pose a threat to the country’s security and had a negative impact on society.


PUBG banned in Jordan
The battle royale game is also banned in Jordan

Following the ban of PUBG in Iraq, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Jordan also announced a similar order, saying that the game had adverse effects on players.


India is the latest country to ban PUBG Mobile. Here is what the official press release of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology stated:

Screenshot 2


Game For Peace PUBG China
PUBG is called Game for Peace in China

Even China banned PUBG Mobile and according to the East Asian country’s government, the reason for this order is that the game contains blood and gore. To save it, Tencent, the game’s publisher, released it under another name – Game for Peace and ensured that the title met all the requirements set by the government.

Some other countries have also banned the game but had a change of heart later. Pakistan announced a prohibition on PUBG Mobile in July but soon after that, it reversed the order. In April 2019, the game was banned in Nepal for a brief period of time.