You can now play Lock’s Quest on your mobile phone after nearly 11 years since its original release. 

Lock's Quest
Lock's Quest is now playable on mobile devices

What is Lock’s Quest?

Lock’s Quest belongs to the category of tower defense action games. In the game, you will have to set up your defense system including traps and turrets and more. When you have completed your setup, you will be able to advance to the battlefield with your mechanized soldiers. The aim is to fend off the attacks of the Clockwork Army and its leader Lord Agony.

Lock's Quest defense game
Advance to the battlefield with your mechanized soldiers to defeat the Clockwork Army

Having to face the overwhelming odds is a pretty common occurrence in this game, however, you do have a few tricks up your sleeves such as Super Attacks or Special Attacks that will help you immediately wipe out a large number of your foes at once.

Lock’s Quest is now available on your mobile device

Lock’s Quest's first release was in 2008 on the Nintendo DS and it was pretty well-received at the time. It has since made its way to other platforms as well but didn’t get much success. 

This mobile version is raising lots of expectations from the players as it was designed based on the original version. Particularly, the developer announced that the game would optimize the experience on smartphones according to modern standards.

Lock's Quest character
Lock's Quest character

Besides the story campaign, this version will also include an endless mode. In this mode, you will join the battle with the Clockwork Army until you lose the game. The game is going to blow your mind with its stunning gameplay and good graphics. 

You can now download Lock's Quest on Google Play and App Store. Being a premium game, it'll cost you $6.99 (Rs 490), but of course, once you make the purchase, you'll get the full experience without any ads or IAPs.