The year 2020 is coming to an end and Free Fire has a big plan to celebrate it. There is going to be a new update called The New Beginning with many new features such as a new pet, Bermuda 2.0, a new weapon. But more imporantly, just by logging into the game on Januray 1, 2021, you will get 5 Diamond Vouchers for free.

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What is Diamond Voucher and how to use it?

The Diamond Voucher is an item in Free Fire that allows players to spin the Diamond Royale in Free Fire for free.

The Diamond Royale is where you can get the latest bundle in Free Fire but it requires players to use Diamonds to spin it and it cost 60 Diamonds each spin. The Diamonds Voucher is the only way to free-to-play players to spin the Diamond Voucher without using Diamonds.

What is coming in The New Beginning update?

The New Beginning update is going to bring Free Fire some really exciting changes. Here is everything that is coming to Free Fire in this update.

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SCAR Megadolon Evolution skin

The SCAR will be the second weapon in Free Fire to have an Evolution skin. This skin is called Megadolon, the name of a giant ancient shark species. Like the AK Blue Flame Draco, this skin will change the hit effect, kill effect, and the outlook of the weapon significantly if you can upgrade the weapon to full.

This skin will buff 2 rate of fire and 1 damage while reducing the magazine size. That means it is a very strong skin to use.

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The Scyther weapon

We will have another melee weapon in Free Fire called the Scyther.

New pet

There will be a new monkey pet called Beaston. This pet will increase the throwing range of your Gloo Wall and greandes.

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One-Punch Man collaboration

Free Fire is also going to collaboration with the famous anime One Punch Man to release some really badass bundles and emotes.

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