The shotgun is one of the most damaging weapon classes in Free Fire. They are deadly at close range... but require a high skill level to be effective. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the shotguns in Free Fire and how to use them.

1 - Pick the right skill for the job

Jota's Sustained Raid and Caroline's Agility give bonuses for shotguns carrier... however, only Jota's skill is worth using.  At max level, Sustained Raid would increase your HP by a whopping 40 after each kill, which is pretty vital in sustaining your continued assault without having to waste time on heal items. This works best when you are going against a squad or camping with a shotgun inside a hot zone building.

Jota Free Fire

You would be engaging in close range fights with Jota and the shotgun... and in that situation, Hayato's ability is a great damage boost.

2 - Get the strongest gun possible

Shotgun Headshot Trick In Free Fire

There are 3 weapons of this class in Free Fire - in general, the M1014 is the best due to it being an automatic shotgun, which increases your margin of errors. You can miss one shot and still be able to drop your enemy dead. The two-shot M1887 and the single-shot SPAS 12 are not as good... you have to be extremely accurate using them.

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3 - General Gameplay

Advance aim

Try to predict your enemy's position using headphones and aim at that location even before you see them. You would have an easier time scoring headshot this way because you don't have to aim while engaging.

Shotgun Headshot Trick In Free Fire

Jump shots

In a close-range fight, you can jump at your enemy - while falling down, wait until the crosshair is at their head and press Fire.

Shotgun Headshot Trick In Free Fire

The ideal position to do jump shots is this. By doing a jump, you can easily move your crosshair to the enemy's head. Furthermore, they would not be able to headshot you easily.

Shotgun Headshot Trick In Free Fire

Surprise your enemies

Try to sneak behind your foes, ambush in a corner or rush them suddenly so that they would not be able to react fast enough.

Shotgun Headshot Trick In Free Fire

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