Graphics are undeniably important, but they are not everything to a game. Too often we see mobile game developers focus too much on creating “console-quality visuals” that they neglect what really makes a good game: The actual gameplay. As a result, the App Store and Google Play are now full of generic games that all look similar and lack a “soul”.

The maker of Lord of Chains has opted for a different route to avoid this trap: They created a game with barely any graphics to speak of at all. Instead of spending weeks or even months designing 3D models and flashy animations, they’ve devoted everything to polishing the gameplay.

In chains

This effort gave birth to a classic text-based MMO in which every action of players is carried out by one simple mechanic: writing. (Guess the pen is indeed mightier than the sword, huh?)

After picking a race and a class, each with its own attributes, you’ll move on to attack other players’ kingdoms to pillage resources while defending your own. Additionally, you can send spies to perform covert missions.

And if you’ve played a good text game before, you’ll probably know that everything is reflected through the stats.


Here is an example. The “accuracy” stat will determine how good your spies are at obtaining the correct information. So if you send a spy with low accuracy on a recon mission and he comes back with the information your enemy has 1000 magic damage, the actual number could range anywhere from 800 to 1200.

Becomes the Lord of Chains

Meanwhile, the “intelligence” stat of a spy affects how much information that spy can collect, and loyalty determines how high of a chance they will betray you if they are captured and tortured by enemies.

These three stats combine will establish your spy rating. Of course, other characters will have their own unique stats and ratings, and everything will interact with one another in different ways.


That’s just the top of the iceberg when it comes to the depth of Lord of Chains. There are also different types of units, resources, currencies, and much more that you have to take into consideration – all through text.

Lord of Chains is available for free right now on its website.