The new region Pavilion of Hermits in Veluriyam Mirage was unlocked yesterday. Players can find a Luxurious Chest in front of the large circus tent, but it's locked inside a transparent barrier. Let's see how to unlock it here.

I. Pavilion of Hermits Chest

In the new region "Pavilion of Hermits", Genshin Impact players and the Traveler have to complete the Secret Summer Paradise: Part II quest - Mirage Paradise in Crisis. You will follow Eula and Collei to solve streaming projector puzzles inside the large event tent.

Pavilion Of Hermits
Luxurious chest in Pavilion of Hermits.

You also need to use two streaming projectors to remove the barrier locking the luxurious chest in front of the circus.

  • A projector is located on the Northwestern stage of the Pavilion of Hermits;
  • The other one appears on the Southeastern stage of this area.

Players have to free the Hydro Eidolons or Water Droplets from Preprint Puzzles. Don't forget to use brilliant mirrors with corresponding colors to the gleaming lamps. The light with the different colors from the brilliant mirror cannot go through colored bubbles. Then, the mirror will get back to its original spawning location.

Genshin Impact New Region
Two projector locations

II. How To Solve Preprint Puzzles

The two streaming projectors appear in two different stages in the northwest and southeast of the new region Pavilion of Hermits. Go to these stages in interact with streaming projectors to start the challenge. Here's how to solve these Preprint Puzzles.

2.1. Northwest puzzle

Interact with the projector to enter the Preprinted World. Follow these steps to complete the Preprint Puzzle in the Northwest.

  • Grab the yellow mirror on the left;
  • Step on the elevator platform and reach the yellow lamp;
  • Install the mirror in the corresponding lamp based on its color;
  • Use the moving platform and grab the blue mirror;
  • Jump and climb through platforms to reach the blue lamp;
  • Get back to the red mirror and take it to the red lamp by using the right statue's arm to move up. You can take the red mirror through the red bubble.
The First Puzzle
The first puzzle solution

Remember that you cannot take the blue lamp to go through the red bubble, or it will turn back to the original spawning spot.

2.2 Southeast puzzle

Similar to the previous puzzle, you also take colored mirrors to the corresponding lamps using moving platforms.

  • Jump through the elevator platform and take the yellow mirror;
  • Step on the elevator platform and get down to the yellow lamp;
  • Take the blue mirror right next to the yellow lamp and head to the right to the elevator platform;
  • Jump and reach the blue lamp;
  • Head a little back and take the red mirror and head to the left;
  • Jump onto the elevator platform on the left and let it take you to the red lamp.
The Second Puzzle
The second puzzle solution

After you complete these two puzzles, the barrier will be removed. Then, get back to the circus tent and open the Luxurious Chest.

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