News from G-Star

In July 2017, Nexon announced Mabinogi Mobile, but since then there wasn't much follow-up information. During G-Star, Korea’s biggest game show this year, we at long last found an opportunity to have a look at a demo of the game, so here is our first impression:

Mabinogi Mobile Demo Gameplay

Fírst of all we know that you could play Mabinogi Mobile in portrait mode, but a horizontal mode is still available. From the demo, you could see that the mobile version has a more cartoonish style than the PC version.

Pet your favorite animal!

There will also be economic mechanics in the game for you to enjoy, for example in the demo there is the activity of sheep shearing. Moreover, in the game you could pet cats and probably all the domesticated animals too.

Mabinogi Mobile The First Impression 01

Control scheme and Items

You will have two options for movement: using the joystick to move freely or auto-travel when riding a horse. What is interesting is that on the expanded mini-map, you could see the icon of your character moving in auto-travel mode.

With the outfit menu, you can easily customize your character with a wide variety of weapons, armors, items... Of course, you will have different stats and skills for each equipment.

Mabinogi Mobile The First Impression 03

In portrait mode, you will have the action buttons for execution (talk/stop/battle), outfits menu and backpack located at the base of the screen. For battle mode, these buttons will change into a set of buttons specific for weapon use, attack and block. There is also a joystick to move the character located above the buttons. While in horizontal mode, the controls scheme is like any other mobile MMORPGs – right action buttons and joystick on the left.

Mabinogi Mobile The First Impression 02

The demo

With the demo, you could try a small part of story mode with many quests. Naturally, with Mabinogi being an MMO, you could team up with other playersin a quest. One more additional feature is that you could talk to them through pre-set actions, emojis or simply chat with them. But, from the demo, you cannot dodge or sprint yet.

In 2019, it is very likely that Mabinogi Mobile will be available in South Korea. However, there is still no news of a global launch yet.