If you are a true gamer, it is probably that you are too familiar with the base-building strategy genre. However, with the game released recently by Four Thirty Three Inc, nothing is the same anymore. The new game is called Mad Rocket: Fog of War, and it is promised to give you the approach to a whole new strategy game.


The background of the game is foggy, and you have to make the invasion to the base of your enemy under that condition. The difficult thing here is that the fog will completely block your vision. How can you see the enemy, not even mention preparing for your unit?

The combat that gamers engage in this game is also more challenging, which requires new ways of constructing strategy. Once entering the base of your enemy, pay close attention to all hidden traps, impediment that the enemy has prepared to welcome you.

Mad Roceket: Fog of War Pre-registration Trailer

It is also necessary that you make choice of units from the battle deck, selecting as many troops as possible to beat any obstacle. The strategy used in the game also needs to be flexible and well prepared. Only by that can you pass different levels of the game and have the chance to own stronger units and weapons. There will also be a chance for you to compete in the Seasonal Rankings. And if you are lucky enough to win, prizes, medals, and even popularity are there awaits you.

But that is not everything about the game. There is also the need to you’re your base impenetrable by covering, hiding, or whichever way that can keep your base safe from the enemy. Your fortress is yours to build, but remember to protect the priceless resources that you earned.

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From now, it is available to pre-sign up for Mad Rocket: Fog of War via iOS and Android. Anyone who makes early registration will have the reward of 600 Gems, 200 Gas, and a Rare Chest x3 when the game is officially launched. Prepare yourself, because the game will be in town this October 30.